The new dressing room gas arrived!


Customize your avatar with Bkool’s new dressing room

Bkoolers, as previewed in the previous post, you can now dress your avatar to kill with Bkool. Presenting Bkool’s new dressing room.

We’ll explain step by step how to use this editor so you can get the most from the 3D simulator. As we told you in the previous post, the new version of the Bkool Simulator is full of new animations and improved 3D graphics infusing the routes with more variety and realism.

To start using the Bkool dressing room, log into your Bkool Simulator account and go to SETTINGS. Once there, go into the AVATAR section to enter the room, as shown in the image below.

Home Bkool Simulator

wears out and you’ll have to wear it out more than 50% before you can buy a new outfit.

If your outfit is worn, you can mend it by clicking on FIX. This will cost you Bkool points, which you earn by riding sessions (the number of Bkool points is shown at the top right, where it says BALANCE).

If you don’t want to use this outfit again, you can click RETURN and cash it in for the number of Bkool points shown.

At the left of your avatar is a dressing room with hangers, each of which is one slot. You have eight slots for your outfits.

To change outfits, just check (✓) the outfit you want. In the image below, the avatar is wearing the blue/black outfit, as indicated by the check mark (✓) in the second position in the dressing room.  The garments have fictitious brands that indicate their quality. The one in the image bears the “Yeolahopp” brand.

If you want to renew your image and get new outfits, you can do so by clicking on GO TO THE STORE at the top right.

Closet Bkool Simulator

Once in the store, there is a wide selection of outfits to choose from, depending on what you can afford based on the number of Bkool points in your BALANCE. Notice in the image below that there is a number to the left of each outfit. This is the level of the outfit.

To see more outfits you can scroll left or right through the store by clicking on the gray-colored arrows at either side, or if you want to go back to your dressing room, simply click on CLOSET at the top.

Bkool outfit shop

The Superhero outfit we’re trying on the avatar (above) is level 3, and even though we have enough points to get it, we won’t be able to do it until a level-2 outfit is at least 50% worn out, and so we’ll get a message (below) saying Outfit locked. In our case, we haven’t worn out any level-1 outfit more than 50% yet so we won’t be able to buy any higher level outfits.

Clothing level Bkool Simulator
There are 5 levels of outfits. To move to a higher level, you must have worn out an outfit in the current level at least 50%

We have to buy an outfit in our level, which in our case is 1. So we click on BUY at the right (see image below).

bkool outfit shop

Once we click buy we’ll see five different qualities to choose from. The higher the quality, the longer the outfit will last, meaning we’ll be able to ride in it for more miles on the Bkool simulator. It will also be lighter, though it will cost more Bkool points. Select the quality and click BUY.

When you select the quality you want, you will see the message below to confirm your purchase.


After confirming it, the app will take you back to the dressing room where the avatar will be shown wearing the outfit you just purchased. And that’s it for the tutorial on the new Bkool dressing room. You’re now ready to ride a Bkool session in your new outfit!

To exit the dressing room, just click on the arrow in the top left or on AVATAR.

See you on the Bkool Simulator!



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