The New Bkool Workout Creator has landed!


Bkool’s completely revamped Workout Creator is here

Workouts are professional training sessions based on power zones, perfect for improving your performance and fitness. As you know, we had previously launched a simple beta version of our workout creator to let you start creating your own workouts, a feature that all you Bkoolers had been asking for.

And now we’re presenting an advanced version of our workout creator. Of course, before you can create a workout and plan your training properly, you will have to do an FTP test, and as we told you in the last two posts on the new simulator version, there’s now a 5-minute FTP test available.

After doing the FTP test, you will see your power zones in your Profile. If you already know your FTP, you can define them yourself.

This table shows the correlation between power zones and intensity:

Z1 Between 0 and 55%
Z2 Between 56 and 75%
Z3 Between 76 and 90%
Z4 Between 91 and 105%
Z5 Between 106 and 120%
Z6 Between 121 and 150%

You have three options for creating a workout in the new Workout Creator from Bkool:

  1. Create a fully personalised workout from scratch.
  2. Create a workout by changing one that you or another user already created.
  3. Create a workout from an imported .mrc file.

Create workout from scratch

This first option lets you create a fully personalised workout from scratch based on segments where you can specify the time and intensity with an easy-to-use graphical editor.

To start, click on “GO TO THE WORKOUT CREATOR”. First, you have to give the workout a name and then choose between the workout types available: “Active recovery”, “Aerobic resistance”, “Rhythm”, “Threshold”, “VO2 Max” and “Anaerobic capacity”. The lowest intensity workouts are Recovery, which will have more segments in the low-power zones (like Z1), and the highest intensity workouts are Anaerobic, which will involve targets in the high-power zones (the highest is Z6). There are also several intermediate intensity workouts, as you saw in the previous table.



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