Types of Bike Rollers


Types of Bike Rollers

The bicycle training machines you find in gyms have different settings and they are bulky. The best way to train indoor is to use a stationary bike stand that allows you to use your own bike for training. Simply connect the rear wheel of your bike to the bike rollers and you can start pedalling as you would on the road. The bicycle trainer stand works by providing resistance to help you train normally.

Cycling rollers are classified based on the type of resistance they offer.

Bike Rollers Fluid 

This kind of indoor bike trainer uses a magnetic flywheel along with fluid chambers to provide resistance. Fluid bike trainer is silent and offers progressive resistance. However, there is a possibility of overheating and leaking of fluid when you use it regularly.

Bike Rollers MTB
Bike Rollers MTB

Bike Rollers Magnetic

This kind of bike trainer stand uses a simple magnetic flywheel to provide resistance for the rear tire. Indoor bike trainer has a limitation to the level of resistance it can cover.

Bike Rollers Wind

This is the most common bicycle trainer that uses a fan powered by the legs of the cyclist. The faster you pedal, the most resistance you experience. When you use this type of bike stationary stand, you will feel like you’re riding on the road.

However, the resistance offered is minimal because it entirely depends on how fast the cyclist can pedal. Moreover, it is noisy too.

Bike Rollers Centrifugal 

This type of indoor bicycle trainer uses pressure plates to provide resistance. It is generally silent and allows you to change resistance. However, regular use can wear out this bike trainer pretty soon.

Bike Rollers
Bike Rollers

While choosing a stationary bike stand, you have to first understand your needs. This way, you can find the best indoorbike that suits your requirements. You should invest in high quality cycling rollers if you plan on training everyday to prepare for big events.


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