Indoor Bike Trainer | How To Use it In The Right Way


Indoor Bike Trainer | How To Use it In The Right Way

So, you have invested in the best bike trainer you can afford. It is now time to understand how to use your stationary bike stand in the right way. Abusing your trainer will not only result in poor performance, but also cause damage to your precious bike. Triathlon athletes train using a bike trainer stand almost exclusively and they only ride on roads once or twice every two to three weeks. The key point to remember while using an indoor bike is that you have focus on quality and not the quantity.

Rollers | Pay Attention To The Time Spent On them

When you ride outdoors, you have to stop and adjust yourself for traffic, people or dogs. This will slow down the way you ride your bike. On the other hand, using cycling rollers are inherently effective because you don’t have to adjust your ride for anything. When you ride for 60 minutes on bicycle trainer, it is equal to about 100 minutes of training outdoor.


Cycling Rollers | Pay Attention To Your Position 

On road, you should change the position in which you ride your bike based on changes in terrain.  With bike rollers, your position is always static. There are motion devices that rock your bike, but still the change in position is very minimal. This can result in overworking of some muscle groups while other muscle groups are not exercised. However, bike trainer stand allows you to perfect pedaling.

Bike Trainer review Bkool
Bike Trainer review Bkool

Pay Attention To Your Mental State

Sometimes riding a bike stationary stand can become extremely boring even for seasoned athletes because of the monotonous pedaling. You can avoid this with the use of virtual training program that allows you to change your workout every day to keep it interesting. By staying motivated, you can train harder and smarter.


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