Road Bike Racing | Some Good Nutrition Tips


Road Bike Racing | How to Prepare Your Body with Proper Nutrition

Expert road bike racing cyclists say that with a strict diet and training program, you can easily become an elite cyclist, making your mark in the upcoming races. You have to ride for a few hours on the roads, tackling new challenges and hazards. It is important to train your body and stomach to function at its fullest during the races. You have to be fit to show your full potential during the race and that is why you should train regularly on an indoor bike trainer. This way, you can ensure that you will always get the workout you need irrespective of the weather conditions outside.


Practice Your Stomach Too

In order to become an elite cyclist, you should start learning how other elites behave. Most of the cyclists eat and drink while they ride. You need the energy to complete the race and your body needs fuel from food. In the middle of the rides, replenishing your body with much needed nutrition will help your body to keep on going. You should eat processed bread instead of whole grains and vegetables to supply energy and reduce bowel activity on a stationary bike stand.


Before Racing

Experts suggest that you take a four day break from strenuous exercises before the road bike racing event. You should also include about 600g of carbohydrates during your stretching days. Four hours before your race, include 300g of carbohydrates in your diet. Just prior to hitting the bike for your race, eat a carbohydrate rich snack or drink.


Road Bike Racing Nutrition
Road Bike Racing Nutrition

After Racing

While racing, replenish your body with 60g of carbohydrates during every hour of the road bike racing event. As you will lose muscle and liver glycogen during racing, you should eat 100g of carbohydrates per hour for four hours after racing. For the next two days after the race, include at least 600g of carbohydrates in your diet. This will help you with recovery after which you can start training again on bicycle trainer.


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