Bicycle Trainer | Bkool 3D Simulator Is The Best In The Industry


Bicycle Trainer | Best Bkool 3D Simulator Injects Life Into Indoor Training


While the leading bicycle trainer manufacturers are trying hard to make 3D videos a reality, Bkool trainer has taken the industry by storm offering free 3D simulator software. To unlock the power of 3D simulator and to enjoy extreme realism, you have to buy the premium subscription after using it for free for one year. Exclusive Bkool technology makes realistic indoor training possible with advanced equipment and excellent simulator software. You don’t have to ride alone while training indoor because 3D simulator lets you ride with up to 100 friends and even chat with them while you ride.


Bkool Bicycle Trainer Introduces 3D World For The First Time In The World


To make your indoor training session much more enjoyable, Bkool simulator with 3D world covers every route on earth so that you can ride in whatever route you like. Progressive resistance changes as you change the route and you don’t have to modify any setting once your bike is mounted. The ANT+ USB stick lets your bicycle trainer communicate with the simulator to ensure realistic on-road resistance while riding indoors. There are more than 500,000 riding sessions and more real time videos are uploaded by other Bkool users. All these reasons have compelled Pierre Michale Micaletti to choose Bkool trainer to attempt a world record and his record for six days non-stop indoor training on Bkool remains unchallenged.

Riding with friends is much more fun than riding alone and with Bkool bicycle trainer premium membership you can ride with up to 100 friends. If the existing routes are not challenging enough for you, you can create your own real life videos and upload to Bkool for your riding sessions. Your riding data is stored in the cloud, which makes it possible for you to share your route videos with your friends and challenge them in a race.



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