Bike Rollers | Bkool Premium Subscription Is Perfect For Indoor Training


Bike Rollers | Cyclists Enjoy Realism With Bkool Premium Subscription


Bkool bike rollers is athletes’ favorite bike stand for indoor training with its silent and powerful operation. What makes Bkool turbo trainer stand out of the crowd is the simulator software with enhanced 3D simulation. It is the first and only trainer in the market with very realistic 3D videos. While other manufacturers are simply trying to bring about 3D like experience on their simulator, Bkool has become the leader in the industry with superior 3D velodrome view and 3D world that comes bundled with the software. To experience realistic indoor training, you have to purchase the premium subscription that unlocks all the features of the bike.


Bkool Bike Rollers Premium Membership Is Perfect For Everyone


Generally, when you purchase bike rollers equipment, you have to purchase simulator software additionally. With Bkool trainer, you can download simulator software directly from the website for free. The premium subscription unlocks the real power of the simulator software and this subscription is available for free for one year. You can still enjoy the simulator software with limited features if you don’t intend to purchase premium plan. However, when for a meager $15 a month, you can access real time videos and 3D routes, there is no reason to stop yourself from buying premium membership.


You can enjoy over 500,000 sessions on Bkool bike rollers with premium membership. The video routes are unlimited and free irrespective of the number of routes you ride. You can find almost every imaginable route on the plane with the simulator software. The brand new 3D world will help you to focus on training and you won’t feel the time flying by. The best part of riding on-road is the ability to compete with your pals and you don’t have to lose that just because the weather doesn’t permit you to ride outside. Bkool bike rollers with premium simulator software lets you create leagues and groups and you can compete with other riders in various virtual tournaments.



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