Training Peaks in the Bkool Simulator


If you use TrainingPeaks and Bkool for your cycling workouts, you’re in luck, since we’re enhancing the communications between the two platforms.

For a while now you’ve been able to sync your Bkool simulator sessions automatically with TrainingPeaks if your profiles on the two platforms are linked.

You can do so in your Bkool profile. Keep in mind this is a Premium feature.

In this last update, we made it possible to sync the cycling workouts you have scheduled in TrainingPeaks by time and power.

Workouts scheduled in TrainingPeaks will show up in your Bkool simulator on the scheduled day so you can ride them.

There’s one important aspect to keep in mind. The workout created in TrainingPeaks is not synced instantly. Workouts are imported into Bkool three times a day: 8 am, 4 pm and midnight (GMT+1) (this is a constraint of the API tools offered by TP for using its platform).

For example, if you create a workout in TrainingPeaks at 10 am to ride that same day, it won’t be scheduled in the simulator until after 4 pm. If you create it at 6 pm, it won’t be scheduled in the simulator that same day because the next sync will be at midnight.

If you have a workout plan, this shouldn’t be a problem since the whole week is usually scheduled in advance. If for some reason you need to do a workout that same day and you weren’t able to prepare it before the 4 pm sync time, you can create it using our workout editor, either starting from scratch or using the .mrc file you can export from TrainingPeaks.

It’s important for the FTP (Functional Threshold Power) value to be the same in both TrainingPeaks and in Bkool.

The intensity of the segments is sent as a % of the FTP. If they’re different, the intensity applied in the simulator won’t match that programmed into the workout.

You can edit your FTP value manually in the Workout Zones tab of your Bkool profile.

You can find this value in your TrainingPeaks account settings (Zones>Power) if you don’t remember it.

Once you do the workout in the simulator, the information won’t be exported to TrainingPeaks instantly. It has to be processed first in Bkool. This doesn’t usually take too long. Remember to save the session in the simulator once you finish it in order to save the data from it; otherwise, the information will be lost.

In summary: link the two profiles, keep in mind that the workouts have to be prepared beforehand and make sure the FTP values match.




  1. Hi I have just tried to sync my TP workouts which should hopefully happen overnight
    They are loaded up weekly by my coach
    Where can I view them on Bkool mobile app on my iPad.?
    Do I have to search in workouts as they are not created by me and there are many pages to go through
    I’d really appreciate your advice
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi John,

      Nowadays it’s not possible to do it automatically. However, you can do it manually, exporting a MSC file from Training Peaks and uploading it into our Workouts Creator in our website. Then you just have to press CREATE WORKOUTS and you will be able to ride it on our simulator.



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