Enjoy the new version of the Bkool simulator


The latest update for our simulator is here, and it comes with important new features to make sure your workout remains the best part of your day. Want to know everything we’ve included?

New pairing system

When it comes to workouts, there’s no time to lose. That’s why we’ve improved our pairing system, so connecting your trainer to the simulator won’t take but a minute.

Select your trainer manufacturer, connect the device and get going. It’s that quick and easy.


More workout companions = More fun

We’ve improved our multiplayer system so more of you can get together and ride the same session. Our Challenges for this winter are set to be livelier than ever. So as long as you’re working out, why not do it with others?

Direct access to the best routes

As you know, we recommend various routes through the top menu on the simulator, depending on the time in the cycling season. From now on, from there you’ll have direct access to the sessions without having to schedule them first. One click and you’ll be in the last stage of the Vuelta, the crowning stage of the Giro or surrounded by the magic of the World Championship. Because no one likes waiting around when you’re all dressed up and ready to go, right?


More compatible trainers

We’ve increased the list of simulator-compatible trainers so you can ride any route in the world from home using all of the leading trainer brands.

Just choose your trainer brand on the pairing screen and get ready to feel all the magic of the best cycling from the comfort of your living room.

New, TV-style camera

This summer we brought the Giro, Tour and Vuelta to your home so you could experience first-hand the emotion of the grand tours, and starting now, you’ll be able to do it from different perspectives, just like watching the race on TV.

We’ve included a new 3D camera so you can follow your session just like a TV broadcast. Once you select the camera by pressing the V key on your keyboard, you won’t have to adjust anything else. The views and shots will change automatically to give you the best perspective when you slip in behind your rival’s wheel or go all out on a mountain climb. You’re the star of the show, and we want every session to be a unique experience.

More details in 3D

Do you recognize the mountains along the route? If you change to video view, you’ll see that we’ve managed to place them in their actual location. And the terrains on each route will be much more realistic from now on, plus we’ll keep adding details as we continue to improve the graphics for each session.

Change the 3D quality to ULTRA and be blown away by the quality of the graphics!

Offline mode in beta phase

You’ve asked for it thousands of times, and even though it was a real challenge, it’s finally here. From now on you can use our simulator even if you don’t have Internet access.

You’ll be able to train on any of your 8 favorite routes whenever you feel like it. The only requirement is that you’ve done that session before so the data can be stored in the simulator and be available the next time you log in.

Remember that you have to label the routes you want to have available as favorites and ride them when you have an Internet connection. The next time you go into the simulator without a connection, they’ll be there so you can ride them as often as you want.




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