The season starts and with it… A New version of BKOOL Cycling!


The new version includes great new features: a new search engine, a disconnection alert system, and much more. Do you want to learn more?


Where do you want to train today? Find the route that you want quickly and easily.  

You can use the new filters or check at a glance the accumulated slope or maximum gradient for each session, making your search much more precise among the more than eight million routes in real video, 3D view, or map available on BKOOL Cycling. 

The new improved search menu will help you to transport your training session wherever you choose. Are you strong enough to climb the Col d’Izoard or do you prefer a more relaxed workout riding in Central Park? Now finding the routes you need to meet your sport goals is a breeze.


This new version includes an alerts system to help you clearly identify any connectivity issues between the app and your Smart trainer. 

Have some of your sensors stopped emitting information? BKOOL Cycling will also let you know!

Check the connection status of your devices at a glance before you start training. Anticipate any connection failure and don’t lose any training minute.


Your screen will be your personal team radio. See at a glance your rivals’ name, their w/kg ratio, or their stage position.  

Discover the gradient levels awaiting you over the next few meters to better manage your efforts. In addition, we have improved the graph of your position in the race, so that you can consult your position within the profile or that of your opponents more easily. Get an overview of the session by simply looking up at the screen. All the data you need to make the most of your training. Improve your race strategy minute by minute!


Feel like changing your look? The UCI World Tour 2020 team kits are now available for you. You just have to go to the AVATAR section and choose the one for your favorite team. Now that you train like a professional and compete in the most important races of the cycling calendar thanks to BKOOL…dress like a pro too!

Dress your Avatar in your favorite cycling team’s kit and wear their colors with every workout. You have all the jerseys inside your dressing room, which we have also optimized to make it easier for you to access the equipment. Isn’t it cool to train dressed like your favorite cyclists?

This new version of BKOOL Cycling, much more complete, will allow you to enjoy an optimized training experience, in which data plays a key role that will be a great help in improving your performance.

In addition, the new BKOOL Video Route Editor makes sharing your own video routes with Bkoolers around the world much easier.

Keep an eye on our social media channels because over the next few days new announcements are coming. In no time you will have news about the app BKOOL Fitness! We don’t stop!

You have no more excuses for not keeping fit during the winter! Try the latest version of BKOOL Cycling. All the training data at your service to help you improve your performance every day.


  1. Hi,
    I updated to this new version this morning (V5.32) : since then, I lost the resistance.
    I tested my trainer on another application than Bkool and it works perfectly well.

    I have a MacOS and everyhting has been working well since then.
    What can I do, is there a way to come back to previous version of the software that was working well ?
    Got an Elite Qubo Digital Smart +, thanks


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