The Giro d’Italia Virtual will arrive to BKOOL in October


Are you ready to experience all the magic of the Corsa Rosa from indoors?

We have joined forces with RCS Sport, the company which organises the Italian Grand Tour, to give you the chance to experience, from indoors, what is one of the most scenic and passionate races on the planet. The Giro d’Italia VIrtual will be an immersive indoor cycling experience that, from wherever you are, will take you to the actual stages of the current edition of the race, via a HD video and 3D avatar simulation.

Each participant will be able to, without leaving their house and at any time, delve into the most emblematic routes of the ‘Corsa Rosa’, experiencing the race first hand and enjoying the spectacular scenery which the Giro d’Italia passes through.

Do you have a Smart trainer or a Smart Bike and don’t want to miss out on this innovative virtual experience? You can now register on the event’s official website. The first people to register will be receive a special discount

The Giro d’Italia Virtual, which will be exclusive to the BKOOL Simulator, will be made up of three big separate phases, each one with various stages, culminating in a grand final which will take place before the start of the Giro d’Italia 2022.

More realistic and immersive simulation

With the aim of bringing the live atmosphere which is so characteristic of the Giro d’Italia closer to each participant’s home, RCS Sport is recording the stages of the current edition in high quality, which will then be integrated into the BKOOL Simulator. Not only will you be riding on the actual stages of the Giro d’Italia 2021, the goal is that you also soak up its atmosphere and all of the emotion that surrounds it.

The Giro d’Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL will combine 3D and HD video for a greater immersive sensation.

In the words of Alfonso García-Lozano (co-Owner and co-CEO of BKOOL): ‘’Whilst the Giro 2021 is taking place, each stage is being recorded in video while the routes are closed. BKOOL is developing technology which will allow us to include the avatars of the cyclists who are taking part in the recorded routes. Therefore, the user experience really will be that they are living the most important stages of the Giro 2021, in augmented reality, getting to know the beauty of the countryside, villages, towns and cities of Italy.’’

A 100% ‘Made in Italy’ experience

The objective is to bring the environment and the atmosphere of a race of the likes of the Giro d’Italia to any fan’s home in the most realistic way possible, making them feel like a part of all of the emotion which comes with a Grand Tour, in the indoors of their own home. The Giro d’Italia is a race which is characterised by its emotion, its toughness, the passion of the fans, its incredible landscapes, the aroma of cycling from yesteryear, and so forth. And now you have the chance to live all of this, even taste it, and suffer it, from your own home. The days of cheering on our idols from the armchair are over. This time it will be you who takes centre stage!

A 100% realistic immersive experience which will transport you to the big stages of one of the most beautiful races in the world

All of this, whilst training alongside cyclists from all over the world, which will include international cycling stars.

As well as enjoying the chance to ride on the same routes as professional cyclists, the participants will accumulate points after each stage, to then be entered into a draw for big prizes.

Get ready for a virtual cycling experience superior to any simulation you have tried so far. The Giro d’Italia will be in your living room from October!


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