A challenge for true cycling lovers


This summer we’re ready to break new ground!

Imagine a Tuesday in July, it’s four in the afternoon, a little breeze is blowing through the window, you have your armchair and the Tour de France is on television. 

Now imagine yourself in that same place a little later, around eight o’clock, after conquering one of the most famous mountain passes in the world of cycling, riding with your friends on the same stage where the pros were giving it everything just a few hours before. Things change, right?

Following cycling from your armchair in summer is fine, but true cycling fans know that to really enjoy this beautiful sport, you have to suffer, sweat and live it from within.

This is a challenge suitable only for true lovers of cycling. If you count yourself among the true fans of the sport, the time has come to prove it!

Explore France with Stage of the Day

Surely more than once you’ve wondered how hard it must be to complete a great cycling tour. Those endless stages, the epic passes with slopes that look like walls and explosive sprint finishes aftger suffering for a hundred and fifty kilometers.

To ride a Grand Tour, you need the kind of preparation and training only available to professional teams. But thanks to BKOOL, you can also complete your own personal grand tour, following the international peloton on routes that run through the same areas as the actual tour stages.

If the Tourmalet is climbed today, you also have to face its slopes. If the peloton moves to the Pyrenees, you’ll also ride there during those days by uploading video routes that will transport you there. When the stage is in Carcassonne, BKOOL will take you there to experience this beautiful town with a virtual cycling tour of its surroundings. The objective is to always place you in the same area as the peloton, so you’re riding in the same locations as the top cyclists on the planet, gritting your teeth while climbing the same mountain epic passes ––or simply enjoying a pleasant ride with friends through the French countryside.

The challenge

Each day, BKOOL’s Stage of the Day will take you to a different place, with a special route in the same areas as the best cyclists in the world are competing on.


As you can see, you can also enjoy rest days, specifically on July 10th,and 17th.

You have the whole day to complete each of the routes, which will always appear in the PROMO section of the simulator. Every morning (European time) we will change the Stage of the Day to continue with our particular pursuit of the international peloton.

The awards

When the Tour ends, if you’ve finished all the stages on the proposed days, send an email to socialmedia@bkool.com before August 7th using your BKOOL user email. Once we verify that you have completed the Challenge, we will add 20,000 Bkoins to your account so that you can buy the virtual bikes available on our simulator and you will also be entered into a prize draw to win a specialised indoor cycling mat, 3 official EOLO Kometa team water bottles or a coupon for 3 months free Premium from BKOOL Premium.

The stages

If you find it hard to complete the challenge on the dates proposed, don’t worry, we got you. You can complete the stages you are missing before July 31st. Here you have all the stages:

Stage 1: Bilbao

Stage 2: Jaizkibel

Stage 3: Amorebieta-Etxano

Stage 4: Dax

Stage 5: Col de Marie Blanque

Stage 6: Tourmalet

Stage 7: Bordeaux

Stage 8: Libourne

Stage 9: Puy de Dôme

Stage 10: Col de la Croix

Stage 11: Moulins

Stage 12: Belleville-en-Beaujolais

Stage 13: Grand Colombier

Stage 14: Morzine les Portes du Soleil

Stage 15: Saint-Grevais Mont-Blanc

Stage 16: Passy – Combloux

Stage 17: Cormet de Roselend

Stage 18: Descenso Col de la Madeleine

Stage 19: Poligny

Stage 20: Cul du Platzerwasel

Stage 21: Paris Champs-Élysées

And best of all, you can complete the challenge totally FREE thanks to the 30-day free trial available at bkool.com

This is a challenge that only for true lovers of cycling will appreciate. Are you one of them?


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