A new challenge for you in the United Arab Emirates: the UAE Virtual Challenge arrives


The 6th edition of the UAE Tour starts today. An epic race through the amazing roads of the United Arab Emirates. This challenge puts the biggest stars to the test, and we want you to join them – it’s time to prove you’re a true cycling lover! We present you the UAE Virtual Challenge.

Tour UAE with Stage of the Day

I’m sure that more than once you’ve wondered how hard it must be to complete a grand tour. Those never-ending stages, the mountain passes with those wall-like climbs and those explosive sprint finishes with a hundred and fifty kilometres to go?

To race a grand tour like the UAE Tour requires a level of preparation and training only within the reach of professional teams. But thanks to BKOOL, you too will be able to follow the international peloton through routes that run through the same areas as its stages.

The aim is to always be in the same area as the peloton, riding in the same places as the best cyclists on the planet, gritting our teeth as we climb the Jebel Jais or simply enjoying a pleasant ride through Dubai with our group.

The Challenge

Every day, Stage of the Day will take you to a different place, with a special route to ride in the same areas as the best cyclists in the world.

The challenge is simple: complete the Stage of the Day every day there is a stage on the UAE Tour. A total of 7 stages in 7 days.

You have the whole day to complete each of the routes, which will always appear in the PROMO section of the simulator. Every morning (European time) we will change the Stage of the Day to continue with our particular pursuit of the international peloton.

The Prizes

When the UAE Tour is over, if you have managed to complete all the stages in the proposed days, send an email to socialmedia@bkool.com before 27 February using your BKOOL user email address. Once we verify that you have completed the UAE Virtual Challenge, we will add 5,000 Bkoins to your account so that you can treat yourself in our online shop and a finisher’s medal in recognition of having overcome this challenge.

The stages

Here are all the stages that make up the challenge:

Stage 1: Burjeel Holding Stage

Stage 2: Presight Stage

Stage 3: Jebel Jais

Stage 4: Dubai

Stage 5: Al Aqah Stage

Stage 6: Aldar Stage

Stage 7: International Holding Company Stage

And best of all, you can complete the challenge totally FREE thanks to the 30-day free trial available on bkool.com. Put on your best shoes, and take on this challenge.


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