5 benefits of indoor training: why you should include sessions during the week

bkool entrenamiento indoor rodillo

We all have a preconceived idea about indoor training: it’s only used when it’s cold, raining or we can see out through the window that it’s windy.

However, it has been proven that indoor cycling can be beneficial to our physical performance. No matter the time of the year.

And that’s why today we want to stand up for indoor training all year round, whether it’s hot or cold.

Especially now that we know that there is little difference between training outdoors and training indoors. According to a Sports Medicine study conducted by the University of Adelaide, there is no significant difference between how training outdoors and training indoors affects our aerobic capacity.

The truth is that, although both disciplines have their pros and cons, there are several compelling reasons you should know about indoor cycling to finally give it a try if you haven’t tried it yet.

It helps you lose your fear of riding outdoors

The beginnings are always complicated. All of us who have ridden a bike outdoors know the stress of dealing with external factors: traffic lights, pedestrians, traffic, etc.

If we add the factor of getting used to our bike or to how it responds to our pedalling, we have the circumstances set to not enjoy ourselves and go out to ride feeling tense.

For that matter, a friendly environment always helps in the beginning. If you are an occasional cyclist or you have only recently taken up cycling, you will feel more confident at first pedaling at home with a good trainer, a simulator that guides you in your training and adapts to your rhythm.

Optimising your training

In the context of a busy family schedule, in which we often have to include weekly workouts practically with a wedge, indoor training is a perfect tool.

Although there is a lot of literature on the subject, it is often said that an hour of indoor cycling training replaces an hour and a half outdoors. So throughout the week this can help us greatly.

At BKOOL we have the possibility of designing a training plan that will help you prepare for the season with guarantees, and without leaving home.

Minimise the risk of injury

It has been proven that indoor training is safer than outdoor training. Not only because it reduces the risk of accidents, unfortunately always present on roads and trails, but also because you will minimise sudden movements that can destabilise you.

As long as you have a good biomechanics, it will be more than enough to ride as long as you want.

Racing as you’ve never experienced it before

The great advantage of BKOOL – and of indoor training – is that you can take your sessions to a new dimension.

You will enjoy your workouts by making every day a new competition. This is one of the main advantages of indoor cycling since, thanks to the adaptation of technology, very realistic experiences are achieved.

Have you ever imagined yourself racing stages of the international cycling calendar? Now you can make it a reality.

Cardiovascular improvements

To break the myth of indoor training when it’s cold outside, we will talk about another study, conducted by the University of Oregon, which showed that when it is exposed to heat, our body generates a series of adaptations that result in increased physical performance.

The heart in particular pumps more blood, reduces the heart rate and delivers more oxygen to the muscles.

It has been shown that performance can be improvent by three to eight percent below the threshold.


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