The Camino de Santiago by bike? On the smart trainer too!


Who hasn’t thought about doing the Camino de Santiago? BKOOL makes it easier than ever by including up to 26 stages of this route so that you can also do it on your smart trainer.

Which stages of the Camino de Santiago can I do?

BKOOL has 26 stages of this mythical route so that you can enjoy it from home and on the smart trainer. These routes, with 3D, 2D and even video format, will be very entertaining and motivating to get to the cathedral of Santiago itself!

Stage 1: From Orreaga/Roncesvalles to Esteribar

This first stage is based on the 30.3 kilometres route that links the village of Orreaga and Esteribar. The ascent of the route is slight, with only 468.6 metres of gradient. It is a first contact stage that lasts around 43 minutes and can be enjoyed in 3D format.

Camino de Santiago
Picture: BKOOL

Stage 2: From Esteribar to Basongaiz

With a lower difficulty, but a similar distance (30.2 kilometres), the route from Estibar to almost Basongaiz, passing through Pamplona, is the second stage of the Way of St. James. For 51 minutes you can enjoy this stage in 3D.

Camino de Santiago
Picture: BKOOL

Stage 3: From Basongaiz to Estella-Lizarra

Still in Navarre, this third stage is 30.4 kilometres long and takes an estimated time of 52 minutes. Starting a little before the village of Basongaiz, this route takes us gradually towards the border with La Rioja.

Stage 4: From Estella-Lizarra to Torres del Río

Continuing in Navarre, this 29.8 kilometres route can be covered in 56 minutes. This stage continues the previous route finished in Estella-Lizarra, reaching an intermediate point between the villages of Torres del Rio and Viana.

Camino de Santiago
Picture: BKOOL

Stage 5: From Torres del Río to Navarrete

This route starts at an intermediate point between Torres del Rio and Viana. It is a total of 30.2 kilometres, estimated in a time of 53 minutes, passing through the city of Logroño. With only 265.2 metres of ascent and a 3D version, this route crosses the border between the two communities.

Stage 6: From Navarrete to Hervias

In La Rioja, this 30.1 kilometres route can be completed in one hour, without any difficulty, as the ascent is 395.1 metres. Passing through the villages of Tricio, Najer and Hormilla, this stage starts in Navarrete and finishes almost at Hervias.

Stage 7: From Hervias to Belorado

Continuing from the same point where the previous stage ended, this new one has another 30.2 kilometres, although the estimated time is reduced to 55 minutes due to its greater ease. It can be enjoyed in 3D format, this continuation of the Way of St. James ends in the province of Burgos.

Camino de Santiago
Picture: BKOOL

Stage 8: From Belorado to Ibeas de Juarras

The eighth stage takes place entirely in the province of Burgos, starting in Belorado and ending in Ibeas de Juarras. 30.3 kilometres that are covered in almost 50 minutes and with an ascent of 408.3 metres. More than 480 people have already ridden this route.

Stage 9: From Ibeas de Juarras to Las Quintanillas

This is a great route, starting in Ibeas de Juarras and finishing in Las Quintanillas, passing through the city of Burgos. A very entertaining route of 30.3 kilometres that can be done in 50 minutes. The difficulty is very low, as it is only 110 metres of ascent.

Camino de Santiago

Stage 10: From Las Quintanillas to Padilla de Abajo

This is the last complete stage in Burgos. From Las Quintanillas to Padilla de Abajo you cover a total of 30.6 kilometres in about 50 minutes. Very easy to do, with only 166.4 metres of ascent, another province covered!

Stage 11: From Padilla de Abajo to Villaherreros

Starting in Burgos and finishing in Palencia. From the village of Padilla de Abajo to Villaherreros, this new stage of the Camino de Santiago is reduced to 29.4 kilometres. In about 50 minutes you can complete this eleventh stage that brings you closer and closer to Galicia.

Etapa 11
Picture: BKOOL

Stage 12: From Villaherreros to Calzadilla de la Cueza

At an intermediate point between Villaherreros and San Mamés de Campos, you have the start of this 30 kilometres route that reaches Calzadilla de la Cueza. In less than 44 minutes you can cover the entire section in the province of Palencia.

Stage 13: From Calzadilla de la Cueza to Bercianos del Real Camino

Returning to the route left behind, the route starts from Calzadilla de la Cueza and almost reaches the village of Bercianos del Real Camino. In these 30.8 kilometres you pass through the villages of Ledigo, Terradillos de los Temi Larios, Moratinos, Sahagún and Calzada del Coto. It is almost 48 minutes with 177.7 metres of ascent.

Stage 14: From Bercianos del Real Camino to Mansilla de las Mulas

This stage crosses the border with Leon and finishes in the village of Mansilla de las Mulas. A route of 29.7 kilometres with an estimated time of one hour and 11 minutes. Arriving in the province bordering Galicia, you can enjoy this stage in 3D.

Camino de Santiago
Picture: BKOOL

Stage 15: From Mansilla de las Mulas to Robledo de la Valdoncina

A stage of 31 kilometres passing through the city of Leon. For about an hour you pass through villages such as Villamoros de Mansilla, Villaturiel, Arcahueja, Valdelafuente, Puente del Castro, La Virgen del Camino and Valverde de la Virgen.

Catedral de León
Catedral de León

Stage 16: From Robledo de la Valdoncina to Astorga

A total of 29.5 kilometres through different villages in Leon, such as Urbanización Camino de Santiago and Villadangos del Páramo. It ends in Astorga, which you can reach in almost 48 minutes.

Camino de Santiago
Picture: BKOOL

Stage 17: From Astorga to Foncebadon

This is a 30 kilometres stage through the province of Leon that can be completed in approximately one hour and 15 minutes. Its journey time is longer due to the number of metres of ascent: 655.9. The route passes through Santa Catalina de Somoza and Santa Colomba de Somoza.


Stage 18: From Foncebadon to Ponferrada

This route starts a little before the village of Foncebadon, reaching Ponferrada and bringing you closer to Galicia. It is one of the most typical routes of the Way of St. James. Keeping the distance of 30 kilometres, it can be done in one hour and five minutes. It is an easy route with only 311.3 metres of ascent.

Stage 19: From Ponferrada to Trabadelo

Still in Leon, the route starts in Ponferrada and ends in Trabadelo. It is a route of 30.2 kilometres, which can be completed in 53 minutes. Being very entertaining and easy to do, it will make you enjoy yourself on the Smart trainer, while you get your legs ready.

Stage 20: From Trabadelo to Hospital

Already in Galicia! This route starts in Trabadelo and ends in Hospital, a village in the province of Lugo. There are 29.9 kilometres to cover in one hour and 15 minutes. The longer time is due to the 865.2 metres of ascent.

Etapa 20
Picture: BKOOL

Stage 21: From Hospital to Castroncan

In Galicia, from Hospital to the Castroncán area, this 30-kilometre route has a 3D version. It is an easy route with only 348.9 metres of ascent that takes 46 minutes to complete and has already been tried by more than 680 users.

Stage 22: From Castroncan to Seoane

Another stage towards the Cathedral of Santiago. There are 30.2 kilometres in which, during 58 minutes, the route goes through the villages of Fontao, Sarria, Cimadevila (Vilaragunte), Paradela, Castro, Igón and A Reguenga. With 419.7 metres of ascent, this new route is very entertaining.

Stage 23: From Seoane to San Pedro

From Seoane to San Pedro, this 30-kilometre route takes one hour and four minutes. It passes through the villages of Portomarín, Toxibó, Cabanas Do Monte, Gonzar, Castromaior, Ventas de Narón, Os Lameiros, Ligonde, Airexe, Reboredo, Lestedo, A Brea, As Lamelas, O Rosario and Palas de Rei. It is a section that can be seen in 3D and that leads little by little towards the capital of A Coruña.

etapa 23
Picture: BKOOL

Stage 24: From San Pedro to Penedos

Exactly 30 kilometres of route between San Pedro and Penedos, which means that the route ends in the province of A Coruña. In almost 59 minutes you will climb an ascent of 430.9 metres. Try it and try to overcome the points that more than 460 have done.

etapa 24
Picture: BKOOL

Stage 25: From Penedos to Xan Xordo

Penultimate stage of the Way of St. James. Another 30.3 kilometres with 333.8 metres of ascent that can be covered in one hour and 13 minutes. It maintains a minimum difficulty so you can train without suffering.

Stage 26: From Xan Xonxo to Santiago de Compostela

The last route, very short and easy. In 8.6 kilometres and only 35 minutes you can walk this last stage of the Camino de Santiago that ends in the Cathedral itself. A simple, but fun route with which you will finish this typical route.

Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela

You no longer have any excuse not to do the Camino de Santiago. In BKOOL you have from the first to the last stage you need to travel north towards Galicia. Enjoy and have fun with them!


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