Explore the Danish Countryside with BKOOL


We kick off the week with the iconic Arresø Rundt route, available in video and 3D. Arresø Rundt is an annual race that takes place in the beautiful nature around Denmark’s largest lake, Arresø. Joining us on this route for a special Group Ride is Jacob Skovsgaard, Denmark’s e-cycling winner who never misses the chance to join the BKOOLers whenever he can. You can join Jacob on Monday at 20:00h (CEST).

This week we set out to discover what Denmark has to offer BKOOLers from all over the world. On Tuesday we will ride through Hjoerring, a beautiful seaside town in the north of the country. This route consists of 11 kilometres and is perfect for beginners.

On Wednesday we will increase the training and propose 27 kilometres in the national park Mols Bjerge. Here you can enjoy the Danish nature in a park famous for its views. Are you ready to work up a sweat discovering this natural wonder?

On Thursday you will have a route available in the charming village of Tars. You will find that the route is only 9 kilometres long and its gentle slope makes it an easy route.

We close our tour of Denmark in style with a ride along the coast of Solrød. This route takes us around Copenhagen and is perfect for an intense workout. It is a 29 kilometre ride with a slight ascent which makes it perfect for all types of cycling enthusiasts.

We finish the week with a few laps at the London Velodrome. Saturday and Sunday we will have Group Rides scheduled so that for 20 kilometres you can enjoy the new velodrome available at BKOOL.

This week’s Group Rides will be scheduled daily at the following times: 05:00h (CEST), 06:00h (CEST), 07:00h (CEST), 11:00h (CEST), 12:00h (CEST), 13:00h (CEST), 17:00h (CEST), 19:00h (CEST), 21:00h (CEST) and 22:00h (CEST).


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