5 workouts to improve your endurance at BKOOL


Endurance is one of the fundamental conditions in a sport like cycling. Explosiveness, or speed in changes of pace, is helpful for changes of pace, but if you maintain a constant pedalling throughout the stage you can make the difference in any event. In order to maintain that pace, it is essential to work on it during these final stages of pre-season and it is important to do different endurance workouts at BKOOL.

In this article, we’ll explore five exercises specifically designed to increase your endurance on BKOOL, ensuring that every pedal stroke brings you closer to your goals, whether it’s fitness or to give it your all in your next competition.

High intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a powerful technique for improving endurance and aerobic capacity. At BKOOL, you have the option of taking advantage of virtual circuits to simulate intense sprints followed by periods of active rest. Imagine pedalling through the streets of Paris in a maximum sprint, followed by recovery as you leisurely ride along the Seine.

HIIT training on a cycling simulator like BKOOL provides multiple benefits, including significant improvement in cardiovascular capacity and an increase in fat burning efficiency, thanks to the effect of post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). In addition, it stands out for its time efficiency, allowing users to maximise their fitness results in short sessions, ideal for busy schedules.

Tempo sessions for cyclists

Tempo sessions are essential for building iron endurance. They focus on maintaining a sustained effort, just below the anaerobic threshold, for an extended period of time. BKOOL offers routes that perfectly emulate these conditions, allowing you to adjust the simulator resistance to simulate the intensity of a real tempo run.

These sessions simulate the conditions and sustained efforts found in a race. By training at a threshold just below maximum effort, riders increase their ability to maintain high speeds for prolonged periods, an essential skill in any competition.

The precision of the simulators allows the resistance to be adjusted to faithfully replicate the most challenging climbs and routes, preparing the rider not only physically but mentally to face the challenges of real racing. Furthermore, the ability to train in safe and controlled conditions, without external concerns, means that riders can focus entirely on improving their performance and endurance, key aspects to excel in any competitive event.

Long runs at a steady pace

There’s no better way to build a solid endurance base than through long rides at a steady pace. BKOOL allows you to embark on multi-hour virtual routes that replicate real road conditions, from the rolling hills of Tuscany to the demanding mountains of the Tour de France.

These rides promote efficient fat burning as an energy source, strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve your ability to manage effort over time. In addition, you become familiar with pace management and endurance, key aspects for any long-distance event.

Virtual climbing exercises

Climbing is an integral part of cycling, and BKOOL does not disappoint in this respect. With a variety of routes that include some of the world’s most iconic climbs, you can test your endurance in realistic climbing conditions. These exercises not only improve your muscular strength and endurance, but also hone your pedalling technique and your ability to maintain a sustained effort on inclines. Virtual climbing at BKOOL is an exceptional tool to prepare you for the challenges of the real world, teaching you to manage your energy and use your gears effectively on prolonged ascents.

Training climbing climbs with a cycling simulator offers significant advantages over road training, most notably the consistency and control of the training environment. On a simulator, cyclists can accurately replicate specific gradients and climbing conditions, allowing a methodical focus on improving technique and endurance without the uncontrollable variables of weather, traffic or road conditions.

In addition, simulators provide instant performance data such as power, cadence and heart rate, facilitating detailed analysis and real-time adjustments to optimise training. This ability to simulate any climb in the world, regardless of the rider’s geographic location, coupled with the safety and convenience of training at home, makes simulator training a superior option for effectively preparing for climbing challenges, maximising the development of climbing-specific skills with an efficiency and effectiveness that road training can rarely match.

Active recovery and its importance in BKOOL

Active recovery plays a crucial role in any training plan, especially in an intensive endurance workout programme. At BKOOL, you can take advantage of active recovery days by selecting gentler routes and enjoying a leisurely walk.

These low-intensity sessions help promote blood flow to fatigued muscles, speeding up the recovery process without putting your body at risk with overexertion. Integrating active recovery days into your regimen at BKOOL ensures that your body has time to repair and strengthen, preparing you for the next challenge on your path to superior endurance.

BKOOL offers an unrivalled platform for cyclists looking to improve their endurance through structured and varied training. From intense HIIT intervals to leisurely active recovery sessions, this cycling simulator equips you with all the tools you need to reach your endurance goals. Immerse yourself in the virtual world of BKOOL and experience your endurance capabilities reach new heights, all while enjoying the passion of cycling from the comfort of your own home.

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