Portugal’s hidden mountain passes: discover them


Portugal, a country with a rich cycling tradition and varied geography, is home to some of the most challenging and beautiful mountain passes in Europe. These epic climbs attract cyclists from all over the world in search of thrilling challenges and unforgettable panoramic views.

In this article, we’ll explore four of Portugal’s most important mountain passes and highlight how BKOOL’s simulator can help you emulate these legendary climbs.

The ascent of the Tower is the star in Portugal

One of the most emblematic mountain passes in Portugal is the ascent to the Torre, in the Serra da Estrela. At 1993 metres, it is the highest point in mainland Portugal. This climb offers a formidable challenge with steep slopes and hairpin bends, testing the endurance and skill of any cyclist.

The ascent to the Tower has a length of approximately 27 kilometres and a positive vertical drop of around 1,200 metres. By emulating this climb in the BKOOL simulator, you can experience the intensity of the ascent and enjoy the thrill of conquering the summit.

The exigency awaits you at Senhora da Graça

Another mountain pass worth mentioning is the Senhora da Graça climb, located in the Alvão Natural Park. Known as one of the most demanding climbs in Portugal, this climb is famous for its steep slopes and long straights that challenge the endurance of the most intrepid cyclists.

The Senhora da Graça climb has a length of approximately 9 kilometres and a positive vertical drop of around 600 metres. By using the BKOOL simulator, you can recreate the characteristics of this climb and feel the tension in your legs as you make your way to the top.

puertos portugal

Foia is one of the jewels of the Algarve

The Algarve, in southern Portugal, is also home to remarkable mountain passes that will delight cycling enthusiasts. Foia pass, in the Serra de Monchique, is an emblematic climb with its steep slopes and serpentines that take you to the highest point of the region.

The Foia climb has a length of approximately 14 kilometres and a positive elevation gain of around 700 metres. By using the BKOOL simulator, you can experience the beauty and toughness of this climb without having to physically travel to the Algarve.

Sharp curves are the identity of Alto do Malhão

Another impressive mountain pass in the Algarve is the Alto do Malhão climb. This challenging climb is known for its steep slopes and hairpin bends that require skill and endurance. The Alto do Malhão climb has a length of approximately 2.5 kilometres and a positive vertical drop of around 200 metres. By using the BKOOL simulator, you will be able to tackle this mountain pass and experience the intensity of every curve and every ramp.

Portugal’s mountain passes are real challenges for cyclists, with their steep slopes and breathtaking scenery. From the majesty of the Torre climb in the Serra da Estrela to the demanding Senhora da Graça climb in the Parque Natural do Alvão, the beauty of the Foia pass in the Algarve and the intensity of the Alto do Malhão, each pass offers a unique experience.

The BKOOL simulator gives you the opportunity to emulate these legendary climbs from the comfort of your home, adjusting the parameters according to your preferences. Whether you’re training for a race or simply want to enjoy the goodness of the Portuguese mountain passes, the BKOOL simulator is an invaluable tool to improve your performance and experience the thrill of mountain biking. Get ready to climb to new heights with BKOOL!

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