21 stages in 23 days: Travel to the stages of La Vuelta a España with Stage of the Day


The end of summer brings one of the most important races in the cycling calendar: La Vuelta a España. For 23 days, the best cyclists in the world will take on a challenge that will take them across this amazing country. We know that following this event from home is a great experience, but we want to take it to the next level. How about doing a section of each stage at the same time as the pros? It’s possible with BKOOL!

Tour Spain with Stage of the Day

You’ve probably wondered how hard it must be to complete a great cycling tour. Those endless stages, those first-class mountain passes with ramps that look like walls and those explosive sprint finishes with a hundred and fifty kilometres to go…

Riding a grand tour like La Vuelta requires a level of preparation and training that only professional teams can achieve. But thanks to BKOOL, you too can complete your own personal Grand Tour, following the international peloton on routes that pass through the same areas as the stages.

If the Altu de L’Angliru is being climbed today, you will also have to face its slopes. If the stage is in Valladolid, you will be riding through the streets of the city. The aim is to ride in the same places as the elite, always in the same zone as the peloton. Either by pushing yourself to the limit by climbing the same mountain passes, or by enjoying a ride through the streets of Madrid with your group.

The challenge

Each day, Stage of the Day will take you to a different place, with a special route that will allow you to ride in the same areas as the best cyclists in the world.


Yes, as you can see, you will also be able to enjoy rest days, specifically on the 4th and 11th of September.

You will have the whole day to complete each of the routes that will always appear in the PROMO section of the simulator. Each morning (European time), we will change the stage of the day in order to continue our special pursuit of the international peloton.

The prizes

At the end of La Vuelta, if you have managed to complete all the stages on the proposed days, send an email to socialmedia@bkool.com with your BKOOL user email address before 25 September. Once we have verified that you have completed the challenge, we will add 20,000 Bkoins to your account so that you can buy the virtual bikes available in our simulator. A great opportunity to ride all the new bike models we will be adding soon.

The stages

If you found it difficult to complete the challenge on the proposed dates, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can complete the remaining stages before 20 September. Here are all the stages:

Stage 1: TTT – Barcelona

Stage 2: Martorell-Sant Feliu de Llobregat

Stage 3: Erts

Stage 4: Tarragona

Stage 5: Tales

Stage 6: Pico del Buitre

Stage 7: Utiel

Stage 8: Dénia

Stage 9: Collado de la Cruz de Caravaca

Stage 10: ITT Valladolid

Stage 11: Laguna negra

Stage 12: Zaragoza

Stage 13: Tourmalet

Stage 14: Puerto de Belagua

Stage 15: Pamplona

Stage 16: Liencres Playa

Stage 17: Altu de L’Angliru

Stage 18: La Cruz de Linares

Stage 19: Íscar

Stage 20: Guadarrama

Stage 21: Madrid

Best of all, you can complete the challenge for FREE thanks to the 30-day free trial available on bkool.com.


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