Fietssport goes Spain by BKOOL begins now!

Fietssport goes Spain by BKOOL

BKOOL and Fietssport join forces once again to bring Fietssport goes Spain by BKOOL, the indoor cycling competition in which you can compete through unique landscapes across different regions of Spain.

Fietssport goes Spain by BKOOL is the latest indoor cycling competition promoted by the Dutch cycling federation and BKOOL. This is a digital event made up of five different stages in which participants will have the chance to compete for first place by cycling from their own home. The routes in video and 3D in each stage have been carefully selected in order to offer a spectacular immersive experience for the participants.

With a large part of the world affected by restrictions on movements, and with historically severe weather events, this new concept of competition is a breath of fresh air for lovers of Cycling. Without even having to leave home, it will be possible to transport your training sessions to some of the most stunning landscapes in Spain, enjoy the marvellous coastline, or explore some of the most emblematic valleys.

To participate, the only requirement is to have a Smart trainer for a bicycle and to be a user of the BKOOL indoor cycling app. And the best part is you can participate completely for free thanks to the 30 free trial offered by BKOOL on their website.

The 5 stages of Fietssport goes Spain

The competition will be available on BKOOL from Thursday 11th February until Wednesday 17th March. You just need to complete each stage within the proposed dates to have your name included in the classification, where you can join hundreds of cyclists from different countries.

The proposed stages and dates are as follows:

  1. Rococorba climb: From 11th to 17th February.
  2. Port de Pollença – Tramuntana: From 18th to 24th February.
  3. Caboalles – Matarrosa: From 25th February to 3rd March.
  4. Medina-Algarrobo: From 4th to 10th March.
  5. Sotogrande – Arenillas – Secadero: From 11th to 17th March.
The 5 stages of Fietssport goes Spain

In addition, each week BKOOL and Fietssport will organise Group Rides to complete the stages alongside special guests from the National Dutch Cycling Federation and hundreds of Bkoolers from all over the world.

Who said that practising indoor cycling means you can’t enjoy nature? Fietssport goes Spain is the closest we can get to seeing Spanish landscape on a bike.  A 100% realistic, social and exciting experience.  Don’t miss it!


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