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BKOOL to sponsor the Kern Pharma and the Euskadi Foundation teams!

BKOOL’s groundbreaking indoor cycling simulator will be the official training software for both teams in their first year in the UCI Pro Tour ranks.

The Fundación Euskadi Team in a training camp.

A few days after the announcement of the Euskadi Foundation’s participation in the Vuelta a España 2021, this recently launched UCI Pro Tour team has confirmed that the BKOOL indoor cycling platform will be one of its key collaborators.

The same is true for the Kern Pharma team, which also begins its first year in the Pro Tour with high hopes and a complete international calendar.

Kern Pharma Team in a training camp.

These new BKOOL collaborations are important for both squads’ competitiveness. One of the many benefits of the BKOOL indoor training application is the ability to simulate riding any cycling route in the world. Potential views include map, video and BKOOL’s exclusive 3D computer rendered view. We will be crucial, especially for time trial stages, since riders can carry out exhaustive reconnaissance of each race’s terrain and prepare more detailed strategies.

Fundación Euskadi training with Oreka O5 smart trainers.

By using BKOOL with a smart cycling trainer, any cyclist can experience the real slopes of each route, offering the most realistic indoor cycling experience possible.

We already has the routes for every race on the international calendar in their exhaustive route library (nearly 9 million routes at last count), available for anyone to ride. This advancement in training technology has not gone unnoticed by either team, precisely in the year they advance to the Pro Tour.

Kern Pharma warming up before a race with Zycle ZPro smart trainers.

These new collaborations are also great news for fans of Kern Pharma and the Euskadi Foundation. Thanks to BKOOL, fans will be able to share their training sessions with their idols and even compare data with them in international competitions. Platforms like BKOOL represent a real contact opportunity between amateur cyclists and the pro peloton.

This Friday, February 26th at 6:00 p.m. (CET), the first BKOOL Group Ride is already being held with several riders from the Euskadi Foundation. Very soon, we will also announce the first multiplayer event with Kern Pharma. To participate, all you need is a smart cycling trainer and to register on bkool.com, where newcomers can take advantage of a 30-day free trial subscription.


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