Winners of the Giro d’Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL


The winners of the Grande Partenza – Parte 1 prizes have been announced!

For each round of the Giro d’Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL, in addition to the thrill of riding the same routes as the pros, completing the stages gives you the chance to win fantastic prizes. Each completed stage adds points and increases your chances of winning great prizes, since each point is represents a single raffle ticket.

Just for registering for the round, you get your first point. From then on, each completed stage adds another point (+1), and you get another two points (+2) for completing the round. The higher your score, the better your chances of winning one of our fantastic Giro d’Italia prizes.

After finishing this first round on January 2nd, the winners, whose nicknames will be revealed in the next few days in this post, have been announced.

Giro d’Italia merchandising packs

  • Emiliano
  • Edwin Naranjo
  • celestino.marini
  • Krzysztof Sz

BKOOL annual subscription

  • Brusgaard
  • JG16
  • Adelheid Staessens
  • Eneko Sesma Alkorta
  • Josean Zabala García
  • Andreia Fernandes
  • Adri Bimmel
  • Lorenzo Novella
  • Matz Olszewski

BKOOL quarterly subscription

  • Holger Stiefel
  • ejh65802
  • Ilkka Hyvärinen
  • Francisco Carpio
  • Dagmar Münch
  • FER_LEON romero
  • MarcCR
  • Jordi FAGEda
  • Waldo Toelen
  • Grégory ODE
  • malcolm Golightley
  • Nicolas Genart
  • Sergi Jiménez Puig
  • Aristide Zaniboni
  • Vindion
  • Sacha.Hernanz
  • Chely Recio
  • Eneas
  • Stéphane Lombart

Giro d’Italia maglia rosa

  • Erick Underwood
  • Santiago Guerra Soto
  • Detlev Zundel
  • Jaimepele
  • Pablo Villalba Parra
  • Ralf Schwarz
  • Cristo Martínez
  • Cartago_68
  • Jac76
  • Reinold
  • Filip Fiers
  • Rico49
  • Baffo
  • @ß-FranM
  • Matthew Cameron
  • @ß-Aizarna78
  • Carlos Santiso
  • LFrancois
  • Goretex7

Tirreno Adriatico hospitality

  • Solidbilbao

Milano-Sanremo hospitality

  • Juha Lehtinen

Strade Bianche hospitality

  • Steve Gevork

Grande Prize (for 2): Exclusive prize

  • LUYBER1109

The Giro d’Italia Virtual hosted by BKOOL is made up of three separate rounds, running from October 2021 to May 2022; Grande Partenza – Parte 2 will be available from January 17th to April 3rd. Don’t miss it!


  1. Hello,
    Are all points from Grande Partenza – Parte 1 used now, so starting with Grande Partenza – Parte 2 with zero?
    Kind regards, Adri.

    • Hello Adri,

      The points for Giro d’Italia Virtual different Partenzas are not commulative. In Grande Partenza – Parte 2 you will obtain new points.



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