Hereinafter, we present the legal bases (“Legal Bases“) of the contest prizes of the BKOOL indoor cycling Winter Challenge (“Challenge”) with the motive of BKOOL cyclist users to complete a stage and the additional option to participate in a prize draw (“Draw”).

  1. Organizing Company
    The organizer of the Challenge is BKOOL S.L. (“BKOOL”) with registered office at Ed. Madroños 3 -Pl. 0, Ctra. de la Coruña A6 – Km17,800 (Vía de Servicio), 28231 – Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain, with N.I.F. B-98125024 and email address (“Organizing Company”).
  2. Territorial scope
    Global, notwithstanding those territories that are not permitted in contests without a national register or other formal requirements.
  3. Challenge and Draw’s Calendar
    The Challenge will be held from 20th January, 2024, to 19th February, 2024. The beginning time will be based on the time zone of each participant. The last day to take part in the draw is 24 February.
    ● 20th January at 00:00: Challenge kick-off begins.
    ● 19th February at 23:59:59: Challenge closes. The draw will close on 24 February.
  4. Applicable Regulation
    The participation and completion of the Challenge shall be regulated by:
    • These Legal Bases and their related supplementary documents which can be found here:
    • Subsidiarily, for all unregulated aspects within the Legal Bases, the Spanish legislation.
    In case of disputes or contradictory declarations, these Legal Bases prevail over any advertisement, publicity or other materials that could be published in connection with the Challenge and/or Draw.
  5. Participation Requirements
    The Participants (“Participant”) must be adults (above 18 years old) that fulfill all of the requirements established by BKOOL indicated in the following registration form here .
    Additionally, for the Submission requirements, in order to participate in the Challenge, the Participants must:
    • Sign up to the challenge on the Strava Platform.
    • Have a BKOOL Premium subscription or begin a BKOOL free trial subscription.
    • Have their BKOOL account synchronized with Strava to upload their activity to Strava.
    • Have Privacy Settings in Strava with the Activity shown to ‘Everyone’.
    • Complete the corresponding stage of the Challenge route in BKOOL cycling app.
    • Save the session upon completion.
    • Ensure that the completed session has been uploaded to you Strava profile.
    • Receive an email from Strava directing you to a landing page.
    • Fill in details in the landing page, (email, etc…) and accepting the legal bases of the prize Draw. The e-mail address must be the same as the one used by the user to register with BKOOL.
    Participants may review all requirements of the Challenge and Draw in the Rules that will be made available to Participants on 20th January, 2024.
  6. Power of Exclusion

The Organizing Company reserves the right to disqualify Participants in a justified fashion, based on bad faith, abusive or fraudulent participation. Special attention will be attended to fraudulent activities whereas Participants who are observed to have apparent abusive behaviors will be excluded or disqualified.
In the event of any indication of false identity or fraudulent use of the profile, the Organizing Company reserves the right to immediately disqualify the participant, unilaterally and without the need for notification or justification to the Participant.
In the event of any indication of false identity or fraudulent use of the profile, the Organizing Company reserves the right to immediately disqualify the Participant, unilaterally and without the need for notification or justification to the Participant.

  1. Prizes and Mechanics of the Draw
    The Draw will be awarded through the following bases:
    • Completing the Challenge
    • Being chosen on the Draw of all the participants who completed the challenge through an impartial platform (

The prize for those Participants who have successfully completed the Challenge and are picked within the Draw (“Winner Prizes”):

  • 1 Soudal Quick-Step team’s jersey – (The Wolfpack 2024 Competizione Jersey – Ceramic Blue/White)
  • 1 Garmin Tacx NEO 2T

The Organizing Company reserves the right to substitute the Prize/s, partially or totally, with another/s of equal or greater value if any of the Prizes is not available due to circumstances beyond the control of the Organizing Company.

  1. Communication
    The Winners will be notified by e-mail before the 1st of March and will have a period of 7 days to reply to receive or reject the Winner Prize.
  2. Conditions of Prizes
    The Winner Prizes will be delivered to each of the two (2) Winners who correspond to the registered data and who have met the requirements set forth in these Legal Bases.
    The Participant Prizes will be delivered only to Participants who correspond to the registered data and who have met the requirements set forth in these Legal Bases. For clarification purposes, the participation of the same Participant with different names, in which the telephone number and/or email address coincide, will not be considered valid.
    Likewise, the Winner Prizes and Participant Prizes will be personal and non-transferable and in no case will it be subject to exchange or financial compensation. Therefore, it is not replaceable for its economic value.
    The Organizing Company is exempt from any responsibility in the event of an error in the data provided, where appropriate, by the Participants themselves that prevented their participation in the Draw or the communication of their prize (if applicable).
  3. Substitution of the Winners
    In the event that the Organizing Companies do not locate the Winner within 7 days from the communication of the Prize due to the Winner performing any of the following actions or events, the Prize will be transferred to the reserves:
  • does not respond to the email within the indicated period, or
  • does not contact the Organizing Company within the corresponding period, or
  • you have included an error when typing your email account, or
  • expressly waive the prize, or
  • does not meet the requirements established in these Legal Bases, or
  • use a false identity or third-party identities without their consent, or
  • use the Legal Bases abusively or fraudulently.
  1. Incidents
    The Organizing Company draws from the good faith of all the Participants, who must respect the rules of the Challenge and Draw and will discard the sessions that for some reason do not give rise to real results, and/or will notify the Organizing Company.
    Any incident that could occur during the Challenge such as: loss of connection of the devices used to carry it out, internet disconnections or delay (lag), computer problems, including those of the platform, are considered exclusively mechanical.
    In the event that BKOOL Platform presents an incident in its system during the test, the Organizing Company will try, as far as possible, to find the most feasible solution.
  2. Claims
    Any claim shall be addressed to the Organizing Company through , which will study it, requesting, if necessary, data or evidence to corroborate the reason for the claim. In the case of performance values or data, official evidence may be requested to corroborate the data provided. After deliberation, the final decision may not be disputed before any other organization.
  3. Modifications
    The Organizing Company reserves the right to modify the Prize Conditions at any time.
    The modification of the Legal Bases will be notified by means of a notice on the BKOOL Platform. These modifications will not give right in any case to a claim by the current or potential Participants.
  4. Personal data
    Due to the celebration of the Challenge and Draw, personal data may be processed and for this purpose the Organizing Company will do so in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  5. Acceptance of the Legal Bases
    Participation in the Challenge and Draw entails the acceptance of the Legal Bases described here, as well as the decisions that the Organizing Company adopts. To do this, each Participant accepts the conditions of use of the BKOOL Platform and these Legal Bases when registering.
    The Organizing Company trusts in the good faith of all the Participants, who must respect this Legal Bases.
  6. General
    If any clause or part of a clause of these Legal Bases is or becomes void, illegal or unenforceable, such clause or part of a clause shall be deemed not to be enforceable without affecting in any way the validity, legality or enforceability of the rest of the Legal Bases.
  7. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction
    To the maximum extent permitted by the mandatory rules, the law applicable to this Draw will be Spanish Law.
    To the maximum extent permitted by the mandatory regulations, for the resolution of any controversy or discrepancy that may arise from the interpretation and application of these Legal Bases, both the Organizing Company and the Participants in the Draw expressly submit to the Courts of Madrid, Spain, renouncing their own privileges.


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