Stationary Bike Stand | Improve Your Pedaling Technique


Stationary Bike Stand Improve Your Pedaling Technique

It’s not always possible to have perfect weather to train with outside on the roads. That is why a bike trainer is your best pal when it comes to training harder. If you are a triathlon cyclist, you should definitely train using a bike trainer stand at least a few times a week. Experts say that you can achieve the results of riding for 2 hours on road by just riding for an hour on a stationary bike stand. While you should take this information with a pinch of salt, there is no denying that bike rollers offer greater advantages to train indoors.

 Stationary Bike Stand | Pedaling Technique
Stationary Bike Stand | Pedaling Technique

Enhance Pedal Stroke with Single Leg Drills

Remove one foot from the trainer and pedal smooth circles on cycling trainer. Experienced riders train this way on an indoor bike and this greatly improves your pedaling skill on road.

Widen RPM Range with High RPM Spin

Start with your normal pedaling RPM and gradually increase your pedaling speed. It is important to ensure that you hold a steady body position on bike trainer stand while increasing RPM pedal strokes.

When you improve your pedaling technique with virtual training on bike rollers, you can definitely see the improvement while racing on the road. Many newbie athletes assume that you have to train vigorously on roads to be a better racing cyclist.

However, expert athletes know that the time spent on cycling trainer is much more valuable than the time spent on racing on the road. In fact, several triathlon champions actually train exclusively indoor on their favorite rollers and they simply race on the road.

While watching triathlon games, you might notice that the athletes’ warm-up on a stationary bike stand. In reality, they actually use their bicycle trainer for much more than warming up.


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