Bike Trainer | Bkool Apps Make Realistic Indoor Training A Reality


Bike Trainer | Bkool Apps Make Realistic Indoor Training A Reality


Bkool bike trainer is the first and only indoor bike featuring 3D world for riders. To make realistic indoor training a reality, the Bkool equipment connects seamlessly with portable devices to present videos in 3D format. You need to download and install apps for your computer and mobile device if you want to truly enjoy realistic riding indoor. The best part of Bkool trainer is that you don’t have to pay any additional amount to get these exciting new offers. After purchasing your equipment, you should download these apps and software from Bkool website to exploit the full potential of the 3D simulator software.


Bkool Bike Trainer Apps Guarantee Realistic Riding Experience


Download and install Bkool bike trainer indoor simulator for free. This simulator is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS and different devices such as android tablets and iPad. Keep track of outdoor training with Bkool’s outdoor app. Download this app to your android smart phone or iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch before heading outdoor. Start tracking your time and performance in real time using the app. Then, store the data at the Bkool cloud for analysis. You can use the track GPS option to record the route you ride. The app has auto pause feature which stops recording when you don’t move.


Bkool video editor is another great tool using which you can upload videos directly from your camera. Edit the routes and synchronize with GPS track. You can correct possible errors in the GPS to create accurate videos. If your mobile device doesn’t support GPS create map routes on your own and label points of interest. You can then upload your videos to Bkool bike trainer website and analyze it or share it according to your preference.



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