Bike Trainer Stand | Team Sky Emphasizes On Good Recovery


Bike Trainer Stand | Recovery Is As Important As Training Harder


Professional cyclists take recovery as seriously as training on bike trainer stand. For a cyclist, training harder to improve cadence, power and speed is very important. Once you improve bike handling skills, you can become a fast racer on the road. However, if you ignore recovery, you will end up damaging your muscles and this will lead to poor performance during racing. That is why Team Sky emphasizes on recovery. Many pro cyclists utilize recovery well so that they recover from injuries faster and complete the race.


Efficient Recovery On Bike Trainer Stand Is The Key To Success


During the Tour De France, Team Sky made a mark through the recovery strategies followed by the cyclists. Warming up and cooling down are very essential before and after a ride. Once you complete training session on bike trainer stand, you may feel like getting down the bike, but you should cool down properly by spinning easily for at least 10 to 15 minutes.


Pro racers start refueling their body as soon as they complete the ride. You should consume four calories of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight every hour until you take your regular meal. While sports bars are the common food for athletes, pretzels and crackers are not bad either. Before you take any food, ensure that you know that the calories come from carbohydrates for recovery. Protein and fat are essential, but your post ride meal should contain all carbohydrates so that your glycogen reserves are restored quickly.


While training on bike trainer stand, it is easy to lose track of eating during the ride because all your energy is focused on improving performance. If you don’t fuel your body properly, you will cause damage that will take much longer to repair. You need to learn from pro cyclists and pay attention to nutrition so that you can be fit and healthy when it is time to race.



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