Bike Trainer | National Criterium Calendar 2015 Announced By USA Cycling


Bike Trainer | Top Cyclists Get Ready For National Criterium Calendar 2015


The National Criterium Calendar (NCC) is a premium domestic road cycling calendar that is approved by the USA cycling. With multiple races across the United States, the NCC poses great challenges for cyclists and bike trainer is now popularly used by pros to improve their biking skills. The racing event starts in March and lasts till September at the end of which standing points will be tabulated for individual riders and teams.


National Criterium Calendar Attracts Bike Trainer Enthusiasts


The number of events has increased to 19 from 16 for the present year. The event begins with Gasparilla Criterium and Action Sports Festival in Tampa on March 21. The riders will finally contest the Connecticut Cycling Festival on September 20 in Hartford. Fans will get to view the most entertaining criterium racing for about 183 days. The event attracts cyclists from different parts of the world and bike trainer is used more and more to simulate the track conditions of the racing event.


The criterium event starts in Anniston and covers both east coast and west coast of the USA. The cyclists will compete in different days long racing events to accumulate points. Luke Keough won the NCC men’s title in 2014 and Erica Allur became the women’s champion in the same year. The elite cyclists have to concentrate on each racing event because every terrain is going to be different and challenging. Many professionals say that training on bike trainer helps them to develop endurance that is much more needed for such demanding races. It is hard to keep your focus laser sharp for 183 days, but the results will be rewarding for cyclists. It is due to the popularity of the cycling festival that more and more racing events are added to NCC and fans will get an opportunity to see more of their favorite cyclists.




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