Stationary Bike Stand | Colorado Gearing Up For 2015 USA Pro Challenge


Stationary Bike Stand | Fans Recommend New Host Cities For 2015 USA Pro Challenge


Cyclists, pros and amateurs are sweating it out on stationary bike stand to get ready to enjoy the 2015 USA Pro Challenge. It is one of the largest cycling events in the country. The event attracts tourists to Colorado every year and this year, USA Pro Challenge falls on August 17-23. In 2014, 128 professional cyclists from different parts of the world participated in the race and raced in higher altitudes through Colorado Rockies. American Tejay Van Garderen is the overall champion and BMC Racing Team came out first.T


Stationary Bike Stand Fans Chose Host City For Stage 6


Last year, the organizers decided to give the fans a chance to choose the host city for the final stage of the race. Due to the immense popularity of this attention, this year too, the venue for stage 6 of the 2015 USA Pro Challenge is left to the choice of spectators and fans. More than half of the voters wanted the racers to return to Northern Colorado for the start and finish of stage 6. So, this time, the racers will start their stage 6 of the race in Loveland and finish it in Fort Collins. The racers are practicing their hill climbs and improving their fitness by spending more time on a stationary bike stand.


Fans are also improving their endurance on a stationary bike stand as they can participate in the OK sprint challenge in Denver on Aug 25th. The organizers have also arranged for Pro Challenge Experience which takes the fans through multiple stages in the mass participation bike ride on August 11th in Fort Collins. The hilly terrain poses some serious challenge for the racers and fans will have great vantage points to view the racers whiz by.



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