Bicycle Trainer | Bkool Pro Trainer Is the Classic Choice for Professional Cyclists


Bicycle Trainer | Trainer Harder And Smarter On Bkool Pro Trainer


Professional cyclists competing in major races won’t settle for anything less than extraordinary when they choose bicycle trainer. Bkool pro trainer is the ultimate choice for cycling pros because this trainer is the best in the industry that can be purchased at half the price of similar trainers. After testing several different cycling trainers in the market, long distance cycling expert Pierre Michael Micalette used Bkool pro trainer for his world record attempt. He successfully completed training non-stop for six days on indoor trainer which is a new world record. This massive success speaks volumes about the performance and efficiency of Bkool trainer.


Bkool Bicycle Trainer Is Now Available For All Cycling Enthusiasts


In the past, purchasing a bicycle trainer is an expensive ordeal that is reserved only for elite cyclists who race in major tours. Now that Bkool trainer is available worldwide, all cyclists can enjoy professional training at home using the most advanced trainer. Bkool classic and pro trainers come with advanced features that are normally found in high end trainers. However, unlike other trainers, they are not expensive. The classic trainer is available for $571 and pro trainer can be purchased for $721.


The interesting feature about Bkool bicycle trainer is the free simulator software that provides access to more than 500,000 routes with 3D virtual reality. Real time videos bring on-road experience to your home and this makes Bkool trainer very special. The premium membership provides unlimited access to unlimited videos and when you purchase the trainer, you will get 1 year premium membership along with the trainer. Afterwards, it costs just $7 per month Netflix style to access videos and 3D routes. The best part of Bkool trainer is that you can try it for free and only pay if you decide to keep the equipment.



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