CycleOps: Bkool Simulator Update November 2015

logo cycleops
logo cycleops

CycleOps – Connect to the Bkool cycle simulator!

There are many updates and bug fixes from the latest version of the Bkool cycling simulator. One of the most important updates was the connection for CycleOps bike trainer. Should you have a CycleOps trainer, you can now connect and ride inside the Bkool simulator.

logo cycleops
CycleOps trainers are compatible with the Bkool Simulator

This was an important step forwards for Bkool making the the simulator more versatile, accessible and more independent. This is having a knock-on effect, and many users that have a bike trainer that’s not Bkool are searching for a more entertaining and complete training experience. Don’t forget that the Bkool simulator is the only simulator that can reproduce any route in the world, with real-time weather (including hour of the day), spectacular velodrome games, cyclist clothes editor and a power analytics platform giving the user all the information they want after training.

bkool clothes editor
Bkool clothes editor


Compatibility of the Bkool simulator

The Bkool cycling simulator is compatible with all the best trainers in the market. With the addition of the CycleOps PowerSync and CycleOps PowerBeam trainers, the Bkool simulator has further expanded it’s list of compatible trainers. Currently, the models of smart trainers where the resistance can be controlled by the Bkool simulator are:

– Bkool Pro
ELITE Real Axiom
ELITE Real Emotion
ELITE Real Power
ELITE Real Tour
ELITE Real Turbo Muin
Tacx Bushido Smart
Tacx Vortex Smart
Tacx Neo
Wahoo Kickr Snap
Wahoo Kickr
CycleOps Power Sync
CycleOps Power Beam

smart trainers
Smart trainers compatible with the Bkool Simulator

Working towards the construction of universal training

Bkool has given users a number of ways to further enhance their training experience with recent updates such as connection to Garmin Connect, Strava and the opening of the simulator to other trainers. It’s never been this easy to train from home – try the Bkool simulator for FREE and start training today by clicking HERE.




  1. Just tried my CycleOps PowerBeam Pro and will see power but not as a virtual trainer. Can not choose my trainer in the compatable and hear on the web site it says it’s compatable. Wook like to try the 30 day free trial. Virtual works in TraineRoads and CycleOps virtual? What to do

  2. Was hoping to be able to use this with my Powerbeam Pro as well. Sadly doesn’t seam to work as the website makes you believe. Only shows up as a power meter like Jean-Marc stated. Back to Zwift 🙁

  3. Dear Luke,
    Dear Jean-Marc,

    I am still confronted with this issue. As Jean-Marc describes it, the PowerBeam Pro is only seen by the software as powermeter source but not as controllable trainer. It´s exact the trainer which is listed as controllable. How can we manage and solve this serious issue?
    Best regards


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