Bike Trainer | Get Powerful 3D Simulator Software from Bkool for Free


Bike Trainer | Download 3D Simulator For Free From Bkool


Generally, when you purchase a bike trainer, you will be required to pay separately for the simulator software. This adds on to the cost of already expensive bike stationary stand. Bkool turbo trainer has gained prominence in the recent past with its advanced training options and supremely efficient 3D simulator. It is the only turbo trainer in the world to offer 3D virtual videos which make indoor training sessions a breeze. Most cyclists often complain that the 3D videos with other simulators are not engaging enough. With the 3D simulator from Bkool, you can enter the virtual world and forget that you are actually training indoor.


Bike Trainer With 3D Simulator Is All What You Need


When you have to train day after day indoor with bad weather, you need some motivation to keep pedaling. While some cyclists suggest listening to your favorite music or movies while pedaling, everyone agrees that the best way to stay motivated is to use biking videos. Several bike trainer manufacturers allow you to download videos, but you have to pay additional price for every video you download. Bkool trainer stands out of the crowd by offering real time 3D videos for free with premium subscription.


The video database is constantly updated and you will never run out of options. There are over 500,000 routes in the 3D simulator software from which you can choose one. If you don’t like the idea of riding with the aid of existing videos, create your own route and upload your video. Moreover, you can also share your routes and videos with your friends so that all of you can race in the same route. Once you purchase Bkool bike trainer, you can download and install 3D simulator software and use it immediately.



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