Bike Trainer Stand | Bkool Trainer Is Quiet And Maintenance Free


Bike Trainer Stand | Bkool Trainer Is Silent And Hassle Free


Pro cyclists who train using bike trainer stand will have a separate bike exclusively for the bicycle trainer stand. Cycle trainer puts a lot of stress on the back wheel to provide resistance while training indoor and this can cause undue stress on the tires. Some indoor bikes don’t provide front wheel support, which will further cause damage to the bike. Moreover, mounting bikes on and off cycling trainer can be quite daunting and so, professional cyclists mount a bike permanently on the cycling rollers while they use another bike exclusively for outdoor training. Bkool trainer is a revolutionary trainer that is completely hassle free, causing very minimal stress on the bike.


Bkool Bike Trainer Stand Is Aesthetically Pleasing And Silent


One of the common complaints about bike trainer stand is that it is so loud that you can’t share your fitness room with others. Often, cyclists have to exercise in solitude because their family can’t tolerate the sound coming out of the trainer. However, Bkool pro trainer with its revolutionary design has made it possible to use your cycling trainer right in your living room while your family watches movies or shows on TV. The sound emitted by pro trainer is 64dB while the classic trainer is slightly noisier, emitting 75dB which is much less than the noise emitted by a vacuum cleaner.


Mounting bike on Bkool trainer stand takes less than a minute and it comes with a front wheel support. As there is reduced stress on the bike, the trainer is completely maintenance free after the initial setup. You don’t have to invest in another bike for indoor training workouts as you can easily mount your regular outdoor bike on the trainer. Experts using Bkool trainer suggest that you invest in some cheap tires for indoor training so that you can completely reduce any stress on your racing bike.



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