Bkool Challenges – Making cycling training interesting


Bkool simulator is a virtual cycle simulator that enables cyclists to train indoors, using software to virtually cycle on different cycling routes. You can choose any different training option, route, and terrain to test/train your endurance, strength and skills – alone or against other cyclists from all over the world. Bkool has enabled users to create forums and groups to exchange experiences and results and to compete and train together, no matter where you are in the world.

Bkool Challenges
Bkool Challenges

You just have to download software on your computer or smartphone and you are ready to go. There is a free version and a premium version that comes with a certain fee, but that provides added options in comparison to the regular free version, such as to store all your training data and results for later analysis and comparison with other users. Basically, you can follow your development, pinpoint weak spots and work on them intentionally.

Another interesting and cool feature of the Bkool simulator is an option called Bkool Challenges. In a nutshell, a certain challenger competes against everyone else – you can choose to join the race/training and try to have a better result than the challenger.

Achieve better training results with Bkool Challenges

Group trainings can include up to 100 cyclists at once. The challenge will be set upfront, with a determined time for individual time zones around the world. Since virtual cycling is an incredibly popular choice around the world, it is without a doubt a very popular feature along with other ones this Spanish service provides.

Bkool Challenges
Bkool Challenges

If you are not the one for group challenges and competing against the others, you always have the option to be a lone rider as you will. You can choose a certain tour or create your own by choosing different available elements. For example, you can adjust the gradient of the terrain or wind strength to have different tour conditions. While you cycle, you can see yourself either as a 2D character on the map which you chose for your route, or you can go 3D and enjoy amazing scenery as you cycle along.

With the Bkool virtual cycle stimulator, you can set up your goals, follow your results and improve your performance. Setting up your goals in a matter of time or distance will enable you to visualize your progress toward your set goals. You can integrate your Bkool simulator with your Android or iOS device and follow your statistics on your mobile device, and this will definitely add to your motivation and focus. The ability to follow results enables you to determine your weak spots and work on them. It has been scientifically proven that people who set their goals upfront train in a much more determined way and keep up with training twice as much as those who don’t do that.



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