Photo competition using a bicycle trainer!


We know that working out on a trainer isn’t the most appealing activity in the world when looking for a good snapshot. But it’s also true that with a bit of ingenuity, a sense of humor and a desire to have fun, you can get a nice, eye-catching shot in practically any sport. That’s why Bkool just launched its PIC OF THE WEEK CONTEST!

Bkool Photo Competition

We should also note that you have the most complete cycling simulator on the market, which opens up a wide range of options when trying to surprise us with your best shot.

Selfies, simulator screen captures, pictures immortalizing your daily workout session, arguments, competitions, disguises, drawings, practical jokes… Anything goes as long as it’s related to the world of Bkool. So start giving some thought to what it will take to have your photo selected as our Bkool Pic of the Week. There’s a lot of prizes at stake!



Did you think that working out on a trainer was boring until you got to know Bkool? Show us that it can be even more fun than we imagined.

All you need to do to take part in our contest is follow Bkool on Twitter and Facebook and publish your picture using the hashtag #BkoolPic.


In case you’re not following us yet, here are the links to our social network pages:

BKOOL on Facebook
BKOOL on Twitter

We will select a weekly winner from among all the pictures published, and then at the end of the month we’ll also pick that month’s best picture, with the winner getting a special prize.

So there you go… Start thinking and surprise us with a fun and original snapshot!





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