Bkool Summer Cup – Northweek


The Bkool Summer Cup “Northweek” is here!

The Bkool Summer Cup “Northweek” kicks off on Monday, July 25th. For seven days, until Sunday the 31st, it’ll be raining gifts, non-stop!


Now that we have over 1,550 participants from all around the world, the Bkool Summer Cup enters the last week of July with a bunch of surprises for its riders. And it’s doing so thanks to Northweek, this summer’s hottest brand of sunglasses.

Do you want to be up to date every time you get off your bike? Then don’t miss all the things we have in store!


Northweek challenge for the Tour’s final stage 

Our Bkool Summer Cup Northweek Challenge will involve the final stage of this year’s Tour de France, and take place on Tuesday, July 26th at 8 pm.

Have you ever dreamed of riding the Champs Elysées surrounded by riders in a stage like no other? Well, Bkool will make it possible!

But that’s not all! We’ll also be giving away Northweek sunglasses to three lucky participants who manage to complete the challenge. Yes, you read that right. Three riders will receive this fantastic gift!

To participate, remember to select the Tour de France route Paris Champs Elysées, which will be featured in the LIVE section on your simulator starting at the designated time. Don’t forget to refresh the simulator screen until you see the session highlighted. If you select the wrong session, you won’t be able to enter the drawing.

For those riding a Challenge for the first time, don’t worry. You’ll see it right away, just refresh the screen until it shows up. And, of course, the stage will count toward the standings in the Bkool Summer Cup.

You can join the challenge during the ten-minute warm-up period (8 PM – 8:10 PM).

You have lots of chances to win a prize, just for taking part. Don’t miss out!


Northweek #BkoolSummerCup Twitter Contest

During the entire Northweek period we’ll also be holding a contest on Twitter featuring a great prize. All you have to do to enter is follow Bkool and Northweek on Twitter and post a tweet during the week that includes the hashtag #BkoolSummerCup.

We’ll draw one lucky winner from all the tweets, who will get a pair of cool Northweek glasses, just like these.

Be sure to tell us how you like the competition so far!

Remember, #BkoolSummerCup. Now go tweet!


Northweek Velodrome Challenge 

The “Northweek” is also bringing with it a classic Bkool challenge: the velodrome!

Twenty kilometers and eighty laps on the Bkool virtual velodrome to determine the king of the most famous indoor cycling track. And, as you’d expect with Northweek in the picture, participating riders will also be able to win a great gift just for completing the challenge.

Specifically, we’ll be giving away two pairs of Northweek sunglasses as cool as these to two lucky riders who finish the Challenge. Two more gifts!

As always, to enter you’ll have to select the velodrome session that will be featured in the LIVE section on your simulator starting at the designated time. Remember to refresh the screen until you see the route highlighted. If you don’t choose the right session, you won’t be entered in the drawing!

You can start joining the challenge during the ten-minute warm-up period (8:30 PM – 8:40 PM). The gift, the adrenaline and the workout are worth it!

We’ll see you there!



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