Easier, more realistic and… more velodrome!


The wind hitting your face when descending a mountain pass, the heat of the summer sun, the brisk cold of a November morning ride… We know there are some sensations we can never make you feel in Bkool. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop trying. At Bkool, we remain committed to bringing you the most realistic cycling experience in the world. With that in mind, we’ve got updates!

Bkool Cycling 5.25 is now available

The next time you open the Bkool simulator, you’ll see a pop-up message that a new update is available. Don’t panic! It won’t take long to install. We promise!

You’ll notice the improvements from your first ride, and we’re confident you’ll find them worthwhile. Here’s a rundown of the big ones:

Finding a partner has never been so easy

Now pairing your smart trainer with Bkool is much easier and faster. You won’t have to select your brand or model. You can open the simulator, pair and be riding in seconds. Your trainer will automatically appear in the list of available devices quickly.

Bkool Drafting is pure realism!

Even we are amazed by our new drafting system. It’s something we remain obsessed about, and have been tweaking it constantly. It is now more realistic, as you can feel the resistance progressively increase as you fall further behind the rider you’re drafting. Take advantage of Bkool Drafting to improve your racing strategy. Work together in a realistic peloton, hide in your competitor’s’ slipstream before launching an attack. So realistic, you’ll be hooked!

You won’t want to leave the velodrome

We’ve remodelled our Galapagar Velodrome. First of all, we’ve created a more realistic track. You’ll notice it from the first pedal stroke: the feel is exactly the same as if you were there.

We’ve also changed the appearance to something a bit more modern.

When you see the new Galapagar Velodrome, we’re sure you’ll be ready to sprint. That’s great, because you’ll be able to see another new feature: when you accelerate, your avatar climbs up the banking. Want to try it?

All the information you need

No more wondering if you’ve finally managed to defeat your rivals. We’ve revised the ranking system, corrected some errors, and now provide your race information much more clearly.

When you finish each session, you’ll see the final leaderboard during your cool down. The perfect time to send a text to that friend you just nipped at the line.



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