New additions to #TeamUnlimited


Sergio Higuita, Oscar Sevilla and Team Medellin are the new additions of Team BKOOL!

A few days after announcing that Team Kern Pharma and Fudación Euskadi would be riding with us this season, we are still bringing you some good news. At BKOOL we are strengthening our commitment to Latin American cycling this season with three stellar signings that will leave no one indifferent.

Sergio Higuita competing
Sergio Higuita competing

Sergio Higuita conquered colombian cycling fans in 2016 and since then he hasn’t stopped achieving new goals. After the good results in the UAE Tour, Sergio Higuita became one of the great promises of world cycling. There is no doubt that this season is going to be the one of his establishment as a star of the international cycling world, and he has decided to join BKOOL!

The incorporation of a cyclist like Higuita represents great news for his fans, as from now on they will be able to train with one of their idols. BKOOL makes it possible to unite cyclists from all over the world and of different levels in their training sessions. Thanks to the virtual Group Rides, amateurs will be able to cycle alongside professional cyclists in a 100% realistic experience.

Óscar Sevilla is a good example of how the Multiplayer sessions at BKOOL can work, as he recently took part in one, riding with cyclists from all over the world. The route he selected was a 13 km ride through Colombia, a country in which he has lived for many years now. One of the great benefits of BKOOL is being able to train on any route on the world, feeling the real gradient and enjoying the route both on video and in 3D. You can even upload your own routes!

Óscar Sevilla cycling jersey

The collaboration with Óscar Sevilla also extends to his team, Team Medellín, one of the most successful teams in Colombia. In fact, it is already possible to wear his 3D jersey inside the simulator and soon, we will announce new virtual Group Rides with more riders from the team.

To participate in these Group Rides, all you need is a smart cycle roller and a BKOOL account. And the best thing is that it can be done completely for free thanks to the 30-day trial available in

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