Enjoy Brasil Ride by BKOOL from 2nd till 8th August

Brasil Ride by BKOOL

The Tour de las Americas by BKOOL takes you to Brazil with the second stage of this great event.

The most important races in Brazilian cycling are coming to BKOOL.  You will have the chance to experience riding on the road and mountain races thanks to Brasil Ride by BKOOL. What more can you want?

The second stage of the Tour de las Américas by BKOOL is divided into 4 sections where #BKOOLers can enjoy the routes with a spectacular video, transporting you entirely over to Brazil:

Brasil Ride MTB Prologue 1

Brasil Ride Road 1

Brasil Ride MTB Prologue 2

Brasil Ride Road 2

You will be able to complete these 4 sections at any time throughout this week and as many times as you like. You will love living this experience!

Also, all the users who complete the 4 sections, will be entered into a prize draw for 2 registrations for the real races: Maratona dos Descobrimentos in Bahia and Road Brasil Ride. You don’t want to miss out!

On Tuesday 3rd August you will have the chance to ride with Óscar Freire on the section of the Brasil Ride Road at 8 PM (CEST). Could there be a better plan than riding with a triple world champion? Impossible!

Enjoy this event thanks to our 30 day free trial and ride on the most incredible places in South America.

Here is the weekly agenda for #BKOOLGroupRides so you don’t miss out on a single ride. On to the Brasil Ride by BKOOL!

Weekly Agenda
Photo: BKOOL. Weekly agenda from August 2nd to August 8th.


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