Travel the World with BKOOL Group Rides

bkool entrenamiento indoor rodillo

This week we have prepared cycling routes from all corners of the globe for you to enjoy without leaving home. Every day there will be Group Rides in different countries and the routes will be available in video and 3D.

The first stop on our international tour will be Australia, where we’ll be riding on the tarmac of Amy’s Gran Fondo. This event runs along Victoria’s stunning Great Ocean Road, and here we have 22 kilometres of the course for you to enjoy the feeling of training in the Australian sunshine from home.

On Tuesday 19th Brazil will be the country chosen to continue our tour on a route that goes from Itu to Cabrera. Seventeen kilometres on a route of little difficulty suitable for cyclists of all levels who want to enjoy their training.

On Wednesday we train on the shores of Lake Simcoe, a natural wonder next to Toronto. This beautiful spot in Canada will leave the BKOOLers who dare to ride it speechless.

We are travelling to the north of Denmark on Thursday for a shorter training session so that the week doesn’t get too hard. We have selected one of BKOOLers’ favourite routes and we are sure it will delight all those who haven’t tried it yet.

We change continents and end our world tour in South Africa. An 8.5 kilometre route will take us to Cape Town and will be a perfect way to start the weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday we have prepared group sessions in the London velodrome, which is available with the new update of the simulator. Have you already tried it? Let us know what you thought on social media.

The Group Rides will be available at the following times: 05:00h (CEST), 06:00h (CEST), 07:00h (CEST), 10:00h (CEST), 11:00h (CEST), 12:00h (CEST), 18:00h (CEST), 19:00h (CEST), 20:00h (CEST), 21:00h (CEST) and 22:00h (CEST).


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