How many velodrome sessions should be done per week?


Among the features offered by the BKOOL indoor cycling simulator is that of riding in the velodrome. London track, there are now three options available: in addition to the Galapagar and Luis Puig velodrome in Valencia, there is now the one in the English capital, a new scenario to test yourself and participate in its games.

In addition to being able to ride on the very hills of Flanders or the slopes of the Tourmalet, BKOOL offers the possibility of training in the velodrome. If you want to have everything under control and worry only about pedaling, one of the easiest and fastest ways is to opt for one of the Simulator’s velodromes.

In the velodrome, you decide the intensity of your training, from loosening up your legs or warming up, to a full hour session. With up to three views available: Global, 3D and video, you can choose between two classic tests:

  • Kilometre test: The objective is to complete 4 laps of the velodrome as fast as possible.
  • Hour record: To complete as many kilometres as possible in 60 minutes.

Last week we scheduled group rides to enjoy the virtual experience with the group, but how much time should you dedicate to the velodrome per week?

How many velodrome sessions per week are adequate?

The first thing we must determine when talking about cycling training is that it should not be quantified by kilometres, but rather by hours. The appropriate relationship is: the more hours of training, the better the cycling progression. As long as the intensity and cadence are appropriate, of course. Don’t pedal beyond your capabilities.

Experts advise that minimum training times for beginner cyclists should be 2 to 4 sessions per week, with each session lasting an average of 30 to 60 minutes.

As sporting experience is gained, physical capabilities can take training to a higher level. After an evolution, the duration of training can be extended to a minimum time of 45 to 75 minutes per session. The number of workouts per week also increases: minimum 3 and maximum 5 sessions every eight days.

But does this training routine have to be done entirely on the velodrome? No. Coaches recommend allocating two days a week to interval work. Therefore, to get a complete routine, you should set up sessions on the velodrome and sessions in workouts with your own interval design.

Picture: BKOOL

Tips on how to set it up in BKOOL

Setting up the velodrome in BKOOL is very simple. With this virtual experience that we offer in the indoor cycling simulator you can pedal for as long as your body allows you to in the scenario you choose.

To access the Velodrome option y you just have to access the ‘Search’ section, click on ‘Velodrome’ and then ‘Create your session’. Now you can configure your session by selecting the number of laps to complete.

If you want to limit the session by time you can do so on our website in the ‘Sessions’ section, selecting the ‘Velodrome’. 

Once you have started your session you can activate the ERG mode by pressing the ‘P’ key to control the watts at which you want to pedal. With the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys you can also increase or decrease the hardness during your training.

Join the BKOOL community to test our velodromes and access to the infinite routes and workouts we have.


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