Fietssport Autumn League is about to start!


This week, we start the Fietssport Autumn League competition, a collaboration between BKOOL and Fietssport, the Dutch cycling federation. It will consist of five stages, each available to ride for one week on the BKOOL indoor cycling platform.

Every Thursday, Rim Sluijs will join a BKOOL Group Ride at 19:30h (CEST) to share the experience with you.

The Fietssport Autumn League starts on November 4th. To celebrate this brand new event, Rim Sluijs, Fietssport member and friend of BKOOL, will lead a BKOOL Group Ride at 19:30h (CEST). This BKOOL Group Ride will include a special touch, as Rim will share the session live from the BKOOL Nederland account.

Special BKOOL Group Ride with Mikel Bezkarra

On Friday at 17:00h (CEST), we’ll host a special BKOOL Group Ride with Mikel Bezkarra. Mikel is a Spanish pro who rides for the UCI pro team Euskaltel Euskadi. The route is one of the stage finishes from the Emakumeen Euskal Bira, the Women’s Tour of the Basque Country, and finishes in the beautiful city of Vitoria Gasteiz.

A week full of Group Rides

On Monday, October 1st, we have BKOOL Group Rides in Chile prepared for the whole day. The route will take us from Plaza Pirque to San Carlos, in the region of Puente Alto. It has a distance of 20.5 kilometers and 260 meters of total climbing.

We’ll be riding through Springbrook on Tuesday, a national park in Australia that features a unique landscape. You’ll be able to enjoy a video and 3D route that will make you feel like it’s still summer.

On Wednesday, we’ll ride on the White Horse Bank, a hillside in the North York Moors National Park. This is a very popular, medium difficulty route with 326 meters of climbing.

On Saturday, we’ll host another full day of BKOOL Group Rides at the London Velodrome. This new velodrome is the latest addition to the BKOOL simulator. If you’ve already tried it, let us know what you think. Which velodrome should we add to the list next?

Surprise! A special Halloween jersey

Special jersey for Halloween

We have a Halloween surprise in store for all BKOOLers. A special Halloween jersey for 500 points is available in the “special events” category. Ready to give your group rides a spooky touch?

This week’s Group Rides will be scheduled daily at the following times: 05:00h (CEST), 06:00h (CEST), 07:00h (CEST), 11:00h (CEST), 12:00h (CEST), 13:00h (CEST), 17:00h (CEST), 19:00h (CEST), 21:00h (CEST) and 22:00h (CEST).

Group Rides in BETA

This week BETA users will be able to enjoy exclusive Group Rides. On Wednesday 3rd November there will be a Group Ride at 19:00h (CEST) to ride in Montalcino and on Thursday 9th November at the London Velodrome at 19:00h (CEST) and 21:00h (CEST).

For those of you who don’t yet know, the BETA version allows you to try out the new features of BKOOL before anyone else and be part of the constant improvement process of the indoor cycling simulator. If you want to help us improve day by day and be the first to try out our new features, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

If you want to take part in the BKOOL Group Rides, take a spin with some internationally famous pros, or wear the special Halloween jersey, you can get started with 30 free days of BKOOL Premium – look for more info on our website.


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