How to combat lack of motivation when there are no competitions


One of the toughest sports seasons of the year is upon us. You probably need a break after a long season of competitions and hard training. The cold, the rain or the shorter days do not help much in these coming months and a lack of motivation looms at the doors of cycling.

But since we don’t want your passion for two wheels to die out, here are a few tips to combat a lack of motivation in cycling. Continuing to enjoy the sport is much easier than you think!

Put aside the numbers

This advice is not valid for every cyclist. In fact, for some would be incapable. But it is true that data is often the main cause of a lack of motivation in cycling.

If you have taken a break after the season, in order to recharge your batteries, you may have paid dearly for it by losing your form. But don’t worry, it’s normal and it’s okay.

This is not the time to think about distances, paces, weights or anything like that. It’s time to get back into habits and routine.

Find a group

One of the great wonders of cycling is the social life. Now that you have goals in sight and are not “tied” to specific series or workouts, make the most of it and enjoy sharing your hobby with others.

A long ride, enjoying the scenery in good company and without paying attention to the numbers is a real joy. The love of cycling continues to grow and there is an ever increasing presence of groups and clubs out there.

Explore new routes

We are not going to fool ourselves, cyclists are sportsmen of fixed ideas and habits. Most of us have our usual training areas and, for convenience, we don’t usually leave them.

However, looking for new routes and training zones can be a motivational plus for the breaks between competitions or during the pre-season.

And we’re not just talking about outdoor cycling, you can also try Bkool and its more than six million cycling routes.

indoor cycling

Invest in equipment

It may not be the cheapest option, but lack of motivation can be the perfect excuse to buy those wheels you’ve been looking forward to, renew your Smart trainer or treat yourself to a new piece of equipment.

Investing in something related to cycling can be a motivational trigger. Who doesn’t want to try something new?

Try a race in Bkool

You can participate in the challenges created by Bkool, sign up for one of their leagues or create your own. The point is that you have different options to have fun while you get the fitness you’re looking for.

We can assure you that competing from home is just as satisfying as competing outside and much less complicated logistically.

Besides having options at almost any time of the day, in many events you will be able to share your hobby with some of your idols.

Escape the monotony

We’ve already talked about finding new routes or trying out competitions in Bkool, but there are more options to get out of the routine and find motivation in cycling. For example, introduce strength or gym work. It is often forgotten but very necessary to prevent injuries and improve performance.

You can also try other sports with a cross-training strategy: running or swimming can be a good option.

Or why not try mountain biking?


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