How to get the most out of the Smart trainer in transition training


The Smart trainer has become a tool that any serious cyclist or triathlete has at home. Now that the cold weather is here, the trainer has become even more relevant. It has made it possible to train cycling whether it is raining, freezing or during a hailstorm.

Transition workouts, those in which we chain blocks of cycling and running without rest, emulating the course of a competition, can become an odyssey due to many factors.

These types of sessions are crucial in the preparation of a triathlete or duathlete as they simulate some of the race conditions and produce a series of muscular adaptations necessary to perform optimally.

Let’s see how the Smart trainer can become a triathlete’s great ally during these key training sessions.

Benefits of the Smart trainer in transition training sessions

No traffic. Bike training can go from fun to dangerous in the blink of an eye. Cyclists getting hit by traffic is the order of the day. Training on a trainer you run the risk of falling off the bike…if you’re too clumsy.

Easier to train by watts. By removing the distractions that we can have on the road, such as cars or the state of the tracks, we can focus on power. The wind won’t be against you either, and you won’t have to yield or stop.

Time savings. When training transitions on the road, the time it takes to get off the bike and into your shoes can be long, especially if you live in a room without an elevator. When training on a trainer the transition can be as quick as you want, you can get off the bike, put on your shoes and start running in a minute.

To train on a bike, we may have to travel far from our town or city to get to the area where we want to train. The trainer completely eliminates the need to travel to perform the session.

You do not depend on the weather. Running in the rain is possible, but riding a bike is more dangerous. Also, if it’s too windy or too cold, training can become a nightmare.

Improve cadence. Training cadence on the road can be complicated by the factors we have already seen: traffic, signs, curves… By training on a trainer we eliminate all these factors and it will be easier to train pedaling cadence.

Everything to your liking. When training from home you can put on your own playlist for extra motivation or even a movie or series if it’s for less intense rides.

The schedule is not a problem. When training on the trainer there are only two factors involved: the trainer and you. You don’t have to worry about it getting dark, the light in the room won’t go out. This is especially relevant for long distance training, as you will be training for several hours at a time.

You can take advantage of competitions. If your training is demanding, for example, a time trial at race pace, you can take advantage of Bkool events to get the best out of your trainer transition.

The trainer has become an indispensable tool for cyclists and triathletes when training and has eliminated many excuses. Cold weather or lack of time are no longer excuses.


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