Winter cycling training: how to become a better cyclist

polarized training

Winter cycling training is a real challenge. Turbo trainers are the perfect tool, not only to stay in shape in winter, but to come out stronger.

Depending on the area you live in, there may be very few days when the weather is inviting to get on your bike. Having a good set at home to keep you pedaling will make winter an ideal season for training.
Let’s see how indoor cycling will make the hills seem less steep in the spring.

Set goals

The first thing to do is to set goals. We need to know where we are starting from and where we are going. These don’t have to be about competing in a specific event. You can set goals related to your fitness, focus on improving your functional threshold power (FTP) or VO2 max level.


Having organised workouts will leave no room for improvisation and feel more committed to the plan you are going to follow. Once we have clear goals it is easier to make a plan to focus on them. Prepare a training calendar and keep it in sight.

Do a test

This is one of the best tools to improve. When you start it is necessary to know where you are starting from. From the metrics of the first day we can see where we are in our evolution and the distance to the goal.

Knowing certain metrics will also be useful to know how to focus your training to improve.


Having the bike and many miles of safe roads to ride on at home, you may forget to rest. As in all other areas, rest is vitally important for the body to assimilate the training.


Cross-training can also mean that not all sessions are the same. Take the opportunity to try new things. Practicing other disciplines, interspersed with your main sport, will strengthen other muscle groups that will also help your sport.

Take care of your training space

It is necessary to have the right work area to motivate us to train. Cleanliness and order, or creating a sporty atmosphere, will make you want to ride your bike more.

Try to always have everything you need at hand and set up your pain cave so that you have the best possible comfort and facilities to train at home.

Get the most out of Bkool

If you focus too much on getting better, you might get saturated or frustrated and lose the desire to train. That’s why having fun also has to be part of the plan:

  • Try a Bkool competition. You can break the monotony and have a good time measuring your strength against other cyclists. You can also take advantage of the more relaxed sessions to listen to a podcast or watch a series you like.
  • Also take the opportunity to ride with your online group, Bkool gives you the possibility to meet up with your friends. This option can also be very useful to have fun on easy days.

As you have seen, the trainer is not just a tool to keep you on track. With clear objectives and a good plan it can become the perfect ally for winter cycling training.


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