New features & updates in BKOOL Fitness


Good news BKOOLers: there’s a new BKOOL Fitness! We’ve introduced some new features and made other updates to help bring your fitness experience to the next level. Here’s what we’ve done:

  • here’s a completely new sensor pairing system.
  • We have added new data points: distance travelled and average speed are in the report of each activity.
  • There are a bunch of different interface improvements and a few obligitory bug fixes.

What does all this mean for you?

The new pairing system is more efficient, and the interface feels more familiar, since it’s similar to well-known wifi and bluetooth pairing menus on mobile devices. Simpler, faster, easier!

We’ve implemented a new design system, with all components and fonts updated. You could say we’ve dressed up for the occasion. 😉

Here’s what matters most: the data! We’ve added more data points to your sessions, so you can have all the information you need to improve your fitness. Information is power; and when it comes to training, that’s true now more than ever.

The BKOOL Fitness library includes real videos available in several languages, some of the best pro fitness instructors on the planet (with customized music selected by them), personalized workouts and so much more. Plus, we upload two brand new fitness classes each week, so you’ll never have to repeat yourself!

Haven’t tried the new version yet? What are you waiting for? Sign up on the BKOOL website to get 30 days of BKOOL Premium completely freeAnd your BKOOL Premium subscription gives you access to both BKOOL Fitness and BKOOL Cycling!


  1. Good job again Bkool!
    But will AR being implemented to Bkool soon? Just like the Giro version? I tried Rouvy today and they have nice routes where you can ride AR. I don’t want to leave Bkool but I like the AR functionality of Rouvy.

    • Hi Marco,
      We keep working to improve our product. At the moment the AR is not implemented, but keep an eye on our next updates 😜
      Best regards,
      BKOOL Team


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