All the types of training you can do on BKOOL


BKOOL is the world’s most complete virtual cycling platform. For proof, just look at BKOOL’s enormous range of indoor training possibilities.

You’ll find all kinds of options: from routes or workouts, to velodromes, fitness tests, and even an entire BKOOL Fitness application.

In this article, we review them all so you can get the most out of your time on BKOOL. No more indoor training boredom!

What workouts can I do on the BKOOL Cycling simulator?


Our database of routes is certainly the largest anywhere, and growing. With BKOOL, you can enjoy more than six million routes from your very own pain cave.

Want to climb the Stelvio, the Angliru, the Mortirolo, the Gamoniteiru or the Tourmalet? With BKOOL Cycling, do them all without leaving home. We offer road routes, stages of grand tours, courses from prominent triathlons, and you can add your own.

All of them can be reproduced with 2D map views, while thousands also include real video and 3D views. It’s a unique experience that you only get on BKOOL.


Want to take your performance to the next level? With BKOOL, access cycling workouts designed by pro trainers to help you improve your fitness.

If you’re already in the hands of a coach, or simply want to create your own workouts, you can do that as well thanks to BKOOL’s “Workout Creator tool. With it, you can create your own sessions using time, work zones and cadence targets with a simple and intuitive interface.

If you use a smart trainer and train by power, the simulator adjusts your trainer resistance so that you always generate the prescribed power.


Another of the possibilities offered by the BKOOL Cycling simulator is riding in one of our three virtual velodromes, each based on an actual world class facility. You can ride kilo or hour record sessions, race against others, or simply train based on laps or time.

FTP Test

Want to know your fitness level and determine your training zones to make your sessions much more productive? BKOOL’s built-in FTP tests are ideal for that.

You can choose either a short test of 5 minutes or a longer one of 20 minutes. BKOOL Cycling will automatically calculate your power and heart rate zones (from Z1 to Z6) at the end of these tests.

BKOOL Fitness

BKOOL Fitness is our indoor cycling fitness class app where you’ll find classes for all levels – from the most demanding to easy, recovery classes. And your sessions are always personalized thanks to BKOOL’s automatic fitness zone calculations.

BKOOL Fitness is an immersive experience with the best coaches and all the most important information on your screen. Use these sessions to fight to get the highest score and achieve your weekly goals and help you stay motivated.

BKOOL Fitness is available for iOS and Android. You only need Bluetooth and internet connection to enjoy it. BKOOL Fitness is compatible with all kinds of devices such as the BKOOL Smart Bike, smart trainers, power meters, and cadence and heart rate monitors.

At BKOOL we will continue working to make the simulation more and more real. Try it FREE for 30 days!


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