Cycling paradise just a stone’s throw away: Discover Andorra from home


One of the cycling paradises par excellence is Andorra. This country is small in size (although it is the largest micro-state on the European continent), nestled in the middle of the Pyrenees, which is synonymous with skiing, ideal winter scenery and, above all, and the subject that concerns us today, an ideal place for the sport of cycling.

A trip to Andorra is not a distant goal. The country is associated with Catalan culture, as it has borders with this community and with France. Cycling enthusiasts from this region will be familiar with the Andorran climbs.

During the first two weeks of April, and the last two weeks of March, BKOOL users were able to take on and measure their times in the ‘Discover Andorra’ event where there was the chance to tackle 4 incredible mountain passes. Quite a challenge for any enthusiast.

A challenge that you can face thanks to BKOOL technology. With BKOOL’s virtual challenges, you can enjoy the landscapes of Andorra while putting your body to the test of mountain passes that have been used in stages of the Vuelta Ciclista a España or the race par excellence such as the Tour de France.

Canillo – Alto de Forn

The mountain pass of Canillo – Alto de Forn is one of the best known in Andorra. Rated medium difficulty, the Alto de Forn is located in the parish of Canillo, in Andorra. It is a short but intense climb that borders the Forn river to the east and ends at the access to the Grandvalira ski resort of the same name.

It is the shortest of the four mountain passes we are going to show you (about 5 kilometres long), but that does not make it the easiest. The average gradient is around 7.5%, with a maximum peak of 9.9% at the end.

To give you a more general idea, this mountain pass is a textbook from less to more. The gradient is a perfect straight line, gradually increasing as you approach the finish.

Port D´Envalira

Lovers of heights are in luck. Port D’Envalira is the highest mountain pass with a road in the Pyrenees. As a curiosity, it is the only access from Andorra to France.

The length of this pass is 7.2 kilometres with a gentler average gradient than the previous pass, 4.25%. Looking at the profile of the stage, the first kilometre and a half is straightforward and relatively easy for anyone. Things get more complicated from this kilometre point onwards.

At this point in the stage, the slopes become steeper and more demanding. You go from being at an altitude of 1,400 metres to 1,620 metres in just over 5 kilometres.

Port de Cabús

The 6.8 kilometres of this mountain pass, with an average gradient of 5.07% and an ascent of 338 metres, are a good way to get a good workout to measure your fitness to be able to take to the road.

It is one of the least known in Andorra, but it is nonetheless interesting to get on your Smart trainer and pretend you are passing through places like La Massana.

In addition, this route offers wonderful views of the mountains and the different ski routes that surround the road.


Estació de Pal

The Erts – Estació de Pal pass is one of the easiest, so to speak, in Andorra, with a length of 6 kilometres and an average gradient of 6.8%. This pass is ideal for cyclists looking for a moderate challenge.

The top of the pass is at an altitude of 1,800 metres. In reality, the pass has one of its gentlest areas in the town of Erts, with an average gradient of around 4-5% in the first kilometre. In the small town of Pal, located at kilometre 2-3, the percentages become more demanding, reaching over 8%.

Andorra Pal

And the best of all is that you don’t need to be an experienced cyclist to enjoy these routes in Andorra. Thanks to BKOOL technology, you can find many more routes of different levels of difficulty, adapted to your needs and abilities. In addition, you can enjoy the full experience thanks to the videos and virtual reality, which will transport you directly to different parts of the world.

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