Off-Road Biking: How to simulate different terrains with BKOOL Training


Cycling simulators such as BKOOL provide the advantage of training at home whenever you like. This is extremely useful, as you used to depend on the weather to continue your training routine. Now, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or hailing outside; at home, you can simulate terrains with slopes to continue preparing for a competition.

However, there seems to be a widespread belief that Indoor Cycling training is only reserved for road cyclists. This is absolutely false. Simulators can be used to prepare for Gravel or Mountain Bike competitions. In this article, we will show you how simulators like BKOOL can enhance your training sessions.

How can different terrains be simulated?

Can a simple simulator replicate the difficulty of traversing various terrains and their variability? The answer is yes. BKOOL can adapt the simulator to your needs, depending on the type of cycling you like or are training for.

For mountain terrains, BKOOL uses elevation data to simulate resistance and difficulty experienced when climbing and descending hills. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of mountain routes to choose from based on the desired difficulty.

As for gravel, the simulator features dirt and gravel road routes that accurately replicate the sensations and difficulties of riding on unstable surfaces. Resistance and speed are adjusted to match the conditions of gravel roads.

Not only can rough terrains like mountains or dirt roads be simulated, but also track or velodrome conditions have their space. To simulate track cycling conditions, BKOOL has a selection of velodrome tracks in its library of pre-recorded routes. By selecting one of these tracks, the simulator automatically adjusts resistance and speed to simulate the experience of riding on a velodrome track, allowing you to get the most out of your training.

Furthermore, BKOOL also offers the option to create custom routes. This means that cyclists can create their own virtual velodrome track and modify various parameters to match the conditions of a real track.

What are the benefits of training on simulated different terrains with BKOOL?

One of the benefits of cycling simulators is their ability to simulate different terrains besides tarmac, allowing cyclists to train in a variety of conditions and terrains.

Among the benefits of training on different terrains in a cycling simulator are:

  • Improved endurance: Different terrains, such as mountains, hills, and rough terrain, offer varying levels of resistance. Training on these terrains in a cycling simulator helps improve a cyclist’s endurance and prepares them for different types of races.
  • Race-specific training: Cyclists can train on different terrains similar to the race conditions they are preparing for. This helps them better adapt to race conditions and improve their performance.
  • Safe training: Training on different terrains in real life can be dangerous and requires logistical effort. Cycling simulators offer a safe and controlled environment to train on different terrains.
  • Training variety: Training on different terrains in a cycling simulator helps prevent the monotony of training on the same surface. This can help maintain motivation and interest in training.

Why train on different terrains, even if not specialized in one type of terrain?

Simulating different terrains is a relevant aspect for significantly improving the user experience and training benefits.

Training on various terrains can help cyclists improve their endurance and technique in more challenging situations. Also, simulating courses with different conditions provides greater variety and enjoyment in training sessions, which can help maintain long-term motivation. Monotony is one of the worst threats, especially for amateur cyclists.

For example, mountain simulation in BKOOL can provide a realistic and challenging experience for cyclists looking to improve their climbing skills. By training in mountain conditions, cyclists can work on their endurance and technique, as well as develop the confidence needed to tackle difficult climbs in real life.

In conclusion, simulating a variety of terrains in BKOOL can be a valuable tool for cyclists looking to enhance their training and cycling experience. The ability to train on dirt, gravel, and mountains can provide various benefits, including improved endurance and technique, as well as increased motivation and enjoyment.

This demonstrates the dual aspect of training in different environments and conditions: The physical (greater adaptability to possible variations) and the mental (the desire to try new things and continue with this type of training is highly positive for each athlete’s morale).
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