Bike Trainer Rollers with Virtual Training vs Spin Classes


Bike Trainer Rollers with Virtual Training vs Spin Classes

If you are an athlete trying to find a bike trainer rollers to train during the winter, you might of heard about spinning classes. They are very popular now and normally included as a part of a gym membership. An instructor will lead his exercise class where participants ride bike rollers with heavy flywheels. Fitness enthusiasts are motivated by the instructor’s voice and music which helps them maintain their rhythm on a stationary bike stand. Depending on the music, the participants should change the resistance and cadence of bicycle trainer accordingly.

Gym Positions Are Different From Road Riding Positions

In a spinning class, all participants are required to use the same type of bike trianer rollers to ensure that the whole class works in harmony. Even though some gyms allow you to bring your own bike trainer rollers, transporting your bike to another place can be quite tiresome. This means that you are forced to train on a cycle trainer that is different from the one you use for riding on roads. This can be a problem if you are an athlete training for an upcoming race.

Bike Trainer Rollers Are Generic For Everyone

Different people join spin classes for different reasons, but the bike trainer rollers workouts will be the same for all. This means that you can’t ride your bike trainer stand according to your own specific needs. You have to go with the flow of the class which focuses more on fitness rather than training.

Virtual training on the other hand allows a cyclist to train on his own indoor bike without help from an instructor. You listen to your favorite music and watch racing course simulated by a computer program exclusively for your indoor bike trainer rollers. The program allows you to choose the type of course and length of race depending on your workout schedule.

In many ways, training on your own on bike trainer rollers are much better than joining a spinning class.


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