Bike Trainer Workouts to Maximize Fitness Benefits


Bike Trainer Workouts to Maximize Fitness Benefits

The biggest benefit of training at home on your own bike trainer  is that you can create your own bike trainer workouts regime. You can easily find virtual training courses on the internet that allow you to vary your bike trainer workouts plan so that you use a different workout strategy every day. When you choose bike trainer workouts, you should ensure that there is a variety and usefulness of each workout. You should also drink plenty of water and use a fan to cool yourself down.

Expert coach Frank Overton recommends the use of interval training to build strength and cadence on a stationary bike stand. You should always warm up and cool down before and after training to ensure that you increase and decrease cadence naturally.

Bike Trainer Workouts for Maximize Benefits
Bike Trainer Workouts for Maximize Benefits

Tempo Intervals in Bike Trainer Workouts

Start warm up on easy setting for 10-15 minutes on rollers. Then ride for 3 x 8 minutes at 76 – 90% of your functional threshold power on bike trainer stand. Then recover for 4 minutes. Continue to cool down riding easy for the remaining time.


Sweet Spot Intervals

After completing tempo intervals, proceed with sweet spot intervals on cycling trainer which are much harder. Start warm up for 10-15 minutes. Then ride at 83-97% of functional threshold power for 3 x 10 minutes. Recover for 5 minutes between intervals and cool down with easy setting.


Tempo Bursts

This is the hardest workouts for any training athlete, but the challenge it poses makes it the best workout on bicycle trainer. You should add tempo bursts to sweet spot and tempo intervals to add variety to your workout regime. You should perform a few bursts at more than 450 watts for a few seconds every 2 minutes of training on indoor bike trainer. This will help you to pass the time quickly because you won’t have the time to think that your workout is boring.  


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